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    How To Always Go Viral On TikTok w/ Mikey Again

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    How To Always Go Viral On TikTok w/ Mikey Again

    Do you want your TikTok videos to go viral consistently? Are you looking for strategies and tips to boost your chances of success on the platform? Look no further, because Mikey, a TikTok expert, is here to share his secrets on how to always go viral on TikTok.

    Mikey has a track record of creating viral videos that convert into sales. He follows a specific set of strategies and tactics that help him achieve this level of success consistently. So, let's dive deep into Mikey's secrets and learn how we can replicate his results.

    Content Ideas and Strategies

    One of the first things Mikey does is think about content ideas even before deciding to test a product. He always has about five ideas lined up to ensure he's not stuck without a plan. Mikey's main strategy is to copy what's already working. He studies viral videos from other accounts and replicates their success. This doesn't mean copying a specific video for a particular product, but rather identifying video types that tend to go viral and adapting them to match his products and style.

    Mikey also adds his own twist and personality to the content he creates. This helps differentiate his videos while still leveraging the proven success of existing viral video formats. He also experiments with different video genres on TikTok, not limiting himself to a specific niche. If he sees something working in another genre, he gives it a shot and adapts it to fit his products.

    Filming and Posting Process

    Mikey follows a rigorous filming and posting schedule to maximize his chances of going viral. He films every day, dedicating about three hours to filming and another three hours to editing. This allows him to base his future videos on the performance of his previous ones. If a video performs well and provides an idea for improvement, he can quickly film a new video based on that concept.

    Mikey posts two videos per day for each of his three products, resulting in a total of 12 videos per day. He replicates the same video across multiple accounts to maximize reach. However, he emphasizes the importance of filming the video twice, rather than just changing the metadata and re-uploading it. This extra effort ensures better performance and views.

    While many people believe in specific posting times to increase visibility, Mikey dismisses this notion. He states that posting times don't make a significant difference, and he posts whenever it's convenient for him. He does post on various platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and occasionally Facebook Reels, as he believes in reaching as wide an audience as possible.

    Quality and Identifying Good Content

    Mikey stresses the importance of quality in creating viral content. He advises beginners to make more content and pay attention to the quality of their videos. By opening their eyes and comparing their videos to viral ones, beginners can identify the gaps in their content quality. While it's natural to start with lower quality, the key is to continuously improve and match or surpass the quality of viral videos in your niche.

    When identifying good content to replicate or take inspiration from, Mikey looks beyond mere virality. He considers whether the content resonates with the target audience and whether it aligns with his product. He avoids copying dumb or useless viral videos and focuses on those that go viral for the right reasons.

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    1. How often should I post on TikTok?

      • Mikey recommends posting at least once a day, but more is better if you can maintain the content's quality.
    2. Should I post on multiple platforms?

      • Mikey believes in reaching a wider audience and advises posting on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook Reels.
    3. What should a beginner do to improve their content?

      • Mikey suggests making more content and focusing on improving its quality. Comparing your videos to successful ones in your niche can help identify areas for improvement.
    4. Do posting times matter for TikTok success?

      • According to Mikey, posting times don't significantly affect your chances of going viral, so you can post at your convenience.
    5. How many videos should I plan at once?

      • Mikey plans around six videos at a time for three products, aiming to post two videos per day for each product.

    By following Mikey's strategies and tips, you can increase your chances of going viral consistently on TikTok. Remember to focus on quality, study successful content in your niche, and keep experimenting to find what resonates with your audience. With dedication and the right approach, you can achieve TikTok success just like Mikey.

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