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    How To Change The Color Of Anything In A Video - Premiere Pro CC 2022

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    How To Change The Color Of Anything In A Video - Premiere Pro CC 2022

    Are you looking to learn how to do a selective color change in Adobe Premiere Pro quickly and easily? In this tutorial, you will discover the step-by-step process to change the color of objects or people in your video footage in just a matter of minutes. Follow along as we demonstrate how to transform blue hair into vibrant purple with a few simple clicks.

    To begin, import your footage into Premiere Pro's timeline where you want to apply the color correction. Next, navigate to the Effects panel and search for "Lumetri Color" under Video Effects > Color Correction. Drag and drop the Lumetri Color effect onto your footage.

    Once applied, head over to the Effect Controls panel and locate the Lumetri Color effect. Expand the Curves section and select "Hue vs. Hue." By adding points and adjusting the hue curve, you can isolate and change specific colors in your video. For example, to switch the blue hair to purple, create points on the blue spectrum and drag them to the desired hue.

    With these simple steps, you can modify the color of any element in your video footage to achieve the look you desire. Whether you want to experiment with different color schemes or create unique visual effects, Premiere Pro makes it easy to transform your videos with a personalized touch.

    Stay tuned for more exciting tutorials and tips on video editing techniques to enhance your creative projects!


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    1. Can I change the color of specific objects or people in my video using Premiere Pro? Yes, with the Lumetri Color effect in Premiere Pro, you can easily isolate and modify the color of objects or individuals in your video footage by adjusting the hue curve.

    2. Is it possible to target a specific color, such as blue, and change it to a different hue, like purple? Absolutely! By adding points on the hue curve corresponding to the color you wish to alter and adjusting the curve, you can transform specific colors in your video to achieve the desired look.

    3. How long does it typically take to perform a selective color change in Premiere Pro? With the simple steps outlined in this tutorial, you can change the color of elements in your video in just a matter of minutes, providing a quick and efficient way to enhance your visual content.

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