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    How To Color Grade From 0 Using ONLY Capcut (NO PC) / Asian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean Film Style

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    How To Color Grade From 0 Using ONLY Capcut (NO PC) / Asian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean Film Style

    Are you interested in learning how to color grade your videos to achieve a cinematic, Asian film-style look? In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to achieve this using only the Capcut app on your phone, without the need for a laptop or PC. Follow along as we walk you through the process of color grading your videos and creating a unique, professional look.

    Step 1: Importing and Color Correcting

    To begin, open Capcut and create a new project. Import your video into the app by selecting the "Open Capcut" option and choosing your desired video. Once imported, navigate to the "Adjust" section to start color correcting your video.

    Color correction is an essential step in the color grading process. It involves adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation of your video to achieve the desired look. In Capcut, you can easily control these settings.

    Start by adjusting the brightness of your video. Determine if you need to make it brighter or darker based on your preference. Next, adjust the contrast to enhance the visual impact of your video. Increase or decrease the contrast based on the atmosphere you want to create.

    Saturation is another important aspect of color grading. You can make your colors more vibrant or subdued by adjusting the saturation settings. Experiment with different levels until you achieve the desired effect.

    Other adjustments you can make include exposure, sharpening, and temperature. These settings allow you to fine-tune your video and enhance specific elements.

    Step 2: Color Grading and Filters

    Once you have applied the necessary color correction to your video, you can move on to color grading and applying filters.

    Capcut provides various tools for precise color grading. One key feature is the HSL (hue, saturation, luminance) adjustment, which allows you to change the individual hues of your video. You can create a unique look by manipulating colors to achieve an Asian film-style vibe. Experiment with different hue settings and saturation levels to achieve your desired result.

    Another powerful tool in Capcut is the "Graphs" feature, where you can further fine-tune specific colors in your video. Green and blue tones are commonly adjusted to create the desired cinematic look. By manipulating the settings in the graphs, you can enhance shadows, highlights, and mid-tones to create a distinctive visual style.

    At this stage, you can also choose to apply filters or LUTs (look-up tables) to your video. However, for this tutorial, we are focusing on color grading from scratch. Feel free to explore the filter options in Capcut to further enhance your videos.

    Step 3: Final Touches and Exporting

    After applying color grading and making necessary adjustments, take a moment to review your video and make any final tweaks. You may want to adjust contrast, saturation, or temperature further to achieve a balanced and visually appealing look.

    If desired, you can also add fade or adjust green levels to give your video a more vintage, retro feel. These final touches can provide a unique aesthetic and enhance the overall cinematic experience.

    Once you are satisfied with your color grading, save your project and export the video. Capcut allows you to export your video in various resolutions, including 4K. Choose the resolution that best fits your needs and save the final version of your color-graded video.

    Congratulations! You have successfully color graded your video using only Capcut, without the need for a laptop or PC. Enjoy your stunning Asian film-style creation and experiment further with different videos to enhance your editing skills.


    • Color grading
    • Capcut
    • Asian film style
    • Cinematic look
    • Color correction


    • Can I achieve a cinematic look without expensive editing software? Yes, you can achieve a cinematic look using Capcut, a free mobile app that offers extensive color grading tools.

    • Do I need a laptop or PC to color grade my videos? No, Capcut allows you to color grade videos directly on your phone, eliminating the need for a laptop or PC.

    • How do I make my videos look like Asian, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean films? By adjusting the color grading settings, such as hue and saturation, you can create a unique visual style reminiscent of Asian films.

    • Can I apply filters or LUTs to my video in Capcut? Yes, Capcut offers a range of filters and LUTs that you can apply to your video, but this tutorial focuses on color grading from scratch.

    • Are there any other features in Capcut that can enhance my videos? Aside from color grading, Capcut offers various editing tools, transitions, and effects to further enhance your videos.

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