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    How To Color Grade Like A Pro The EASY WAY

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    How To Color Grade Like A Pro The EASY WAY

    When I was first starting out in my first paying gig as a filmmaker, I was trying to figure out how to achieve a certain look using a complicated grading program. I found myself going back and forth between the image and the controls, ending up with muddy video. This led me to think about a better way - what if I could click on the image itself to make color changes? What if I could click on the face to adjust brightness or click on the sky to change its color? After years as a colorist, I developed a prototype that revolutionized the color grading process for filmmakers, making it faster and more intuitive.

    I also considered workflow issues such as matching shots, finding the right LUT for a project, and applying consistent looks across multiple shots. The software we developed now allows me to color grade three times faster than before, streamlining the process and eliminating guesswork. Filmmakers can now create cinematic looks that receive praise and attention, leading to sponsorship deals and partnerships with companies. Our mission is to make color grading easy and accessible for all filmmakers.

    If you're interested in experiencing this revolution in color grading, you can try out Cinema Grade with a free seven-day trial in Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro X.


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    1. What inspired the development of the new color grading software?
    • The frustration of struggling with complex grading programs and the desire for a more intuitive and efficient solution led to the creation of the new software.
    1. How does the new software streamline the color grading process for filmmakers?
    • The software allows for direct manipulation of colors by clicking on the image itself, making adjustments quicker and more precise. It also offers features for matching shots, finding suitable LUTs, and applying consistent looks across multiple clips.
    1. What benefits can filmmakers expect from using the new color grading software?
    • Filmmakers can enhance their footage with cinematic looks, attract attention from audiences, and even secure sponsorship deals with companies impressed by the professional quality of their work.

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