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    How To Convert Any Video To Anime Ai | Domo Ai Video Generator Full Tutorial

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    How To Convert Any Video To Anime Ai | Domo Ai Video Generator Full Tutorial

    Hello friends! Do you want to convert normal videos into cartoon videos for free? In this tutorial, I will guide you step by step on how to convert any video into a cartoon video using the Domo Ai Video Generator. Additionally, I will show you how to convert anime characters into real people. Let's get started!

    To begin, follow these steps:

    1. Go to and then proceed to Discord.
    2. Accept the invite and navigate to the New to Disk section.
    3. Scroll down and join a channel, such as the generated video channel.
    4. Type '/video' to upload a video you want to convert into a cartoon.
    5. Describe the video content briefly and select the style and duration.
    6. Click on Start and wait for the video to be generated.

    Next, to convert an anime character into a real person:

    1. Type 'sl real image' and select the program.
    2. Choose the anime image you want to convert and click open.
    3. Wait for the image to be processed.
    4. Voila! Your anime character has now been transformed into a real person.

    You can experiment with different styles and enjoy the results of your cartoon video and real person conversions. It's a fun and free way to add a unique twist to your videos!

    Don't forget to like the video if you found it helpful and subscribe to the channel for more tutorials on various topics. Stay tuned for the next video!


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    1. Can I convert any video into a cartoon using the Domo Ai Video Generator? Yes, you can easily convert any video into a cartoon video using the Domo Ai Video Generator as shown in the tutorial.

    2. Is it possible to transform anime characters into real people with this tool? Absolutely! The tutorial demonstrates how you can convert anime characters into real individuals using the same Domo Ai Video Generator.

    3. Are there different styles available for generating cartoon videos? Yes, the tool offers various styles for cartoon video generation, allowing you to experiment and choose the one that suits your preferences.

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