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    How To Create A News Channel With AI || AI News Video Generator || AI Lip Sync No voice No Face

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    How To Create A News Channel With AI || AI News Video Generator || AI Lip Sync No voice No Face

    In today's digital age, technology has provided incredible tools that can transform the way we consume and create content. One such tool is artificial intelligence (AI), which has revolutionized the way news channels can be created without the need for showing your face or using voiceovers. This article will guide you through the process of using AI to create a news channel, including generating news anchors, creating news videos, adding news backgrounds, and editing the final video.

    Step 1: Generating News Anchor with AI

    To begin, use AI tools like to generate a news anchor image. Provide prompts like "Indian woman news anchor in news Studio" and choose the style and ratio for the picture. You can easily generate AI characters using platforms like or Leonardo.AI.

    Step 2: Creating News Videos

    Next, visit a platform like to create your video using templates. Select a character, background, and input your news script or audio. You can also use websites like or to convert text to speech if needed.

    Step 3: Editing the Video

    After exporting your video, use a video editor like Filmora to add backgrounds, adjust audio, and remove watermarks. Enhance your video by adding news background music from platforms like YouTube audio library and customize it further with logos or graphics.


    • AI News Video Generator
    • News Channel Creation
    • News Anchor Generation
    • Video Editing with Filmora
    • YouTube Audio Library


    • How can AI be used to generate news anchors for videos? AI tools like or Leonardo.AI can generate news anchors based on provided prompts and preferences. These platforms use advanced algorithms to create realistic AI characters.

    • What are some platforms to create news videos with AI? Websites like offer templates and tools to create news videos using AI-generated characters and news scripts. Users can customize videos for their news channels easily.

    • How can I add news background music to my videos? Utilize platforms like YouTube audio library to find copyright-free news background music. Download the chosen music and add it to your video during the editing process for a professional touch.

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