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    How To Create Animated Cartoon Video Using AI & ChatGPT | AI Video Generator Tools

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    How To Create Animated Cartoon Video Using AI & ChatGPT | AI Video Generator Tools

    Welcome to Tutor Bro, the tech tutor YouTube channel! In today's video, we will explore the fascinating world of creating animated cartoon videos using AI tools. The best part? It's all free! Let's dive right in and unleash our creativity in six simple steps.

    1. Open Google Chrome: Start by opening the Google Chrome browser on your device and visit the ChatGPT website. Request the generation of a story by typing your desired prompt.

    2. Generate Story And Image Prompts: Once you receive the generated story, ask ChatGPT for prompts designed to generate images related to the story. Obtain 10 prompts for your story.

    3. Convert Text To Voice: Search for online free text-to-speech tools on Google, choose one, and generate voice from the chat GPT story by pasting it into the tool.

    4. Generate Images With Gain early access to by joining their Discord server, filling out the provided form, and signing up on the website. Copy the prompts from ChatGPT and paste them into Leonardo to generate images.

    5. Create 3D Videos: Use Layer Picks to upload images generated from Leonardo and transform them into 3D videos. Wait for the creation process to complete and save the video to your computer.

    6. Video Editing And Subtitles: Use a video editor like Camtasia, Filmora, or Kinemaster to edit the videos, add voiceover, and synchronize it with the visuals. Lastly, visit Vidya AI to add subtitles to enhance professionalism.

    Now, your animated cartoon video is complete and ready to be shared! Thank you for joining us on this creative journey.


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    1. Can I create animated cartoon videos for free using AI tools?
      • Yes, you can create animated cartoon videos for free using AI tools like ChatGPT,, and Layer Picks as outlined in the article.
    2. Do I need any prior experience in video editing to follow these steps?
      • No, you do not need prior experience in video editing as the steps provided are comprehensive and beginner-friendly.
    3. Are there any specific tools recommended for text-to-speech conversion and video editing?
      • While specific tools like Camtasia, Filmora, Kinemaster, and Vidya AI are mentioned, you can choose any video editing software and text-to-speech tool that suits your preferences.

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