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    How To Create Animated Videos For YouTube Using 'Text to Video' AI Tools

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    How To Create Animated Videos For YouTube Using 'Text to Video' AI Tools

    Creating animated videos for YouTube has never been easier with the advancements in AI technology and the emergence of 'text to video' software. In this article, we will explore a new online software called, which allows users to create animated videos just from text. This software is one of the most advanced AI tools available as it not only understands the type of video you want to create but also generates high-quality videos in a matter of minutes. Best of all, is free to use, with optional upgrades available for additional features.

    To get started, sign up for a free account on Once you're logged in, you'll see the dashboard with different options. For creating animated videos, choose the "Script to Live Video" feature.

    Before writing your script, it's helpful to utilize another AI writing tool called This tool allows you to quickly generate high-quality scripts by providing information on your desired topic. Simply sign up for a free account and start writing. Once your script is complete, copy and paste it into the script section on

    After pasting your script, you can further customize your video by selecting the category, video ratio, and theme. You can also choose from different AI voices for the voiceover. Once you're satisfied with the settings, click on "Publish" to generate your video. Keep in mind that the free version of includes a small watermark on your video, which can easily be covered up if desired.

    Once the video is generated, you can download it from the platform. However, you may notice that the voiceover from sounds a bit robotic. To enhance the quality of the voiceover, use an additional tool like Clipchamp is a free video editing software that allows you to add voiceovers and music to your videos. Simply create a free account, upload your video, and add a voiceover to replace the original one from You can also add music to enhance the overall experience.

    To add music, you can either create your own with AI tools like Soundtrap or use the free music library available on YouTube. Clipchamp allows you to upload music from your computer or choose from their library. Once you've uploaded the music, adjust the volume to ensure it complements the voiceover without overpowering it.

    After finalizing the voiceover and music, export the video from clipchamp and download the final version. It is now ready to be uploaded to YouTube or any other platform of your choice.


    • Animated videos
    • YouTube
    • Text to video
    • AI tools
    • Script writing
    • Clipchamp
    • Voiceover
    • Music


    1. What is
      • is an online software that allows users to create animated videos just by providing text. It utilizes advanced AI technology to generate high-quality videos quickly and efficiently.
    2. Can I use for free?
      • Yes, offers a free version that allows users to create and download videos without any cost. However, there are optional upgrades available for additional features and benefits.
    3. How can I enhance the voiceover quality in my videos?
      • You can use additional tools like to replace the voiceover generated by with a higher-quality voiceover. Clipchamp also allows you to adjust the volume levels and add music to your videos.
    4. Can I add my own music to the videos created with
      • Yes, you can either create your own music using AI tools like Soundtrap or use royalty-free music available through platforms like YouTube's audio library. Tools like allow you to easily add your chosen music to your videos.
    5. Is suitable for beginners?
      • Yes, is designed to be user-friendly, making it suitable for beginners. The software provides a straightforward interface and clear instructions, making video creation accessible to all levels of experience.

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