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    How To Create EPIC Product Promo Videos With AI

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    How To Create EPIC Product Promo Videos With AI

    If you own a Shopify store or sell products online, creating promo videos for your products can significantly boost your brand, increase sales, and introduce new products on social media. Freelancers often charge high prices for creating these videos, but in this tutorial, we will show you how to easily create professional product promo videos in seconds using artificial intelligence. By leveraging a powerful AI video creation tool called Bool video, you can have access to customizable templates and advanced editing features to captivate your audience.

    Step 1: Add Your Images

    Start by adding images of your products. You can either copy and paste a product detail page from your Shopify store or upload images directly. Bool video can extract images and other details automatically when you paste a Shopify product URL, or you can upload images manually.

    Step 2: Choose a Video Purpose

    Select a video purpose from boosting your brand, increasing sales, or introducing a product. The chosen purpose will determine the templates you can customize.

    Step 3: Choose a Video Ratio

    Pick a video ratio and generate your video. After a few seconds, your video will be ready with a soundtrack. You can edit the video further by adjusting text font, color, size, replacing the logo, and more.

    Once you are satisfied with the video, download it with your preferred resolution. Explore more templates and editing options to create engaging promo videos for your products.


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    1. Can I create product promo videos using artificial intelligence without hiring expensive freelancers?
    2. What are the benefits of using AI video creation tools like Bool video for creating promo videos?
    3. How can adding promo videos to my online store or social media platforms help in marketing my products effectively?
    4. Is it easy to customize templates and edit product promo videos using Bool video?

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