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    How To Create VIRAL AI Generated Videos with CapCut

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    How To Create VIRAL AI Generated Videos with CapCut

    CapCut is an editing platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to create stunning videos. In this article, we will explore the various AI features offered by CapCut and learn how to harness them to create viral videos. From scripts generated by AI to AI characters and effects, CapCut brings a new level of creativity to video editing.

    AI Writer Beta: Crafting Scripts with Artificial Intelligence

    One of the most exciting features of CapCut is its AI Writer Beta. By simply selecting text and choosing the AI Writer option, CapCut generates scripts for your videos. Whether you need a talking script or an ad script, CapCut's AI can generate multiple options for you. You can modify the script as per your requirements, making it a useful tool for video creators who may struggle with scriptwriting. With CapCut's AI Writer Beta, you can create engaging videos without the need for extensive scripting skills.

    Transforming Text into Images with AI

    CapCut takes creativity to another level by allowing users to transform text into images right within the app. If you need visuals for your video but don't have access to stock images, CapCut's AI-powered image generator can assist you. By selecting the "Expand" feature and choosing "Text to Image," you can create images using prompts and customize various options such as aspect ratio and image quality. CapCut's AI image generator is a handy tool that can help you create unique visuals even if you don't have the resources to acquire them elsewhere.

    AI Characters and Effects: Bringing Life to Your Videos

    CapCut's AI Characters feature is a game-changer in video editing. By selecting AI Characters, you can choose from a wide range of characters with different voices and positions to speak your script. Simply add the character to your timeline, and CapCut will generate the speech and corresponding image for you. This feature allows you to create engaging videos with AI-generated characters, making your content stand out. Additionally, CapCut offers a variety of effects that can enhance your videos, such as spectral skin for an AI-like appearance or unique filters for your background. These effects add a professional touch to your videos, giving them a viral and eye-catching appeal.


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    1. Can CapCut's AI replace human video editors entirely? CapCut's AI features aim to assist video editors, but human creativity and expertise are still invaluable in the editing process. While CapCut's AI can generate scripts and visuals, human touch is vital to fine-tune and bring unique creative elements to videos.

    2. Are the images generated by CapCut's AI high resolution? While the images generated by CapCut's AI may not be super high resolution, they are usable for various purposes such as video backgrounds or thumbnails. As CapCut continues to improve, image resolution is expected to improve as well.

    3. Can CapCut's AI Characters speak in different languages? Yes, CapCut's AI Characters can speak in various languages. This feature is especially useful for video creators who target international audiences or have language preferences for their content.

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