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    How To Create VIRAL YouTube Shorts using AI (Faceless Youtube)

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    How To Create VIRAL YouTube Shorts using AI (Faceless YouTube)

    YouTube shorts channels are currently dominating the online money-making world, with one particular channel generating over 86 million views since last December. With daily views approaching 500,000 and gaining over 50,000 subscribers in the last 30 days alone, these channels are leveraging AI to create unique yet simple videos that captivate audiences. This step-by-step tutorial will guide you on how to create similar viral videos easily, allowing you to jump into this trend before it becomes oversaturated.

    To begin, the process involves creating a concept and gathering images using an AI image generator like Mid-Journey. By inputting prompts such as "Superman as a vampire," you can generate intriguing and unique images. With these generated images, platforms like Canva can be used to finalize them with original character versions before editing them into a video using free tools like CapCut.

    In the final video editing stage, balancing the duration of each image, adding transitions, and selecting suitable audio are essential steps. By following this guide, you can craft engaging YouTube shorts that have the potential to go viral and grow your online presence significantly.


    • YouTube shorts
    • AI image generator
    • Viral videos
    • CapCut
    • Canva
    • Video editing


    • How can AI image generators help in creating engaging YouTube shorts? AI image generators like Mid-Journey can provide unique and intriguing visuals by transforming prompts into creative images of characters, contributing to the viral appeal of videos.

    • Is it necessary to use specific editing tools like CapCut and Canva for creating YouTube shorts? While CapCut and Canva are commonly used for editing YouTube shorts, you can utilize any editing software of your preference to create and customize your videos as per your requirements.

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