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    How To Create YouTube Shorts Videos Using Free AI Tools

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    How To Create YouTube Shorts Videos Using Free AI Tools

    YouTube Shorts videos have become a popular way to gain subscribers and views on YouTube. And now, with the announcement that YouTube Shorts will be monetized starting from February 2023, it's also an excellent opportunity to make money on the side. In this article, we will explore two easy ways to create high-quality YouTube Shorts videos using free AI tools.

    1. Flicky

    Flicky is a user-friendly and affordable tool that allows you to create audio and video content using lifelike AI voices in just a few simple steps. It offers a free version which provides basic functionalities, and there is an option to upgrade for only $ 6 per month for more advanced features. To get started, create a free account on Flicky and access your dashboard.

    You can organize your projects by creating a new folder named after your YouTube channel or project. Within this folder, you can create a new file, specifying whether you want to create an audio or video. For YouTube Shorts videos, choose video.

    Next, you can use an AI writing tool such as Writer or Chat GPT to quickly draft a script for your video. Copy the script and paste it into Flicky's AI writing section. Flicky offers various voices, including both male and female options. You can preview the voices to find one that suits your video's tone. Once you've selected a voice, click play to hear the AI voiceover.

    Now, it's time to customize your video. Flicky provides a range of copyright-free videos that you can search and add to each section of your video. You can also leave the gradient background or add your own videos. Once you've finished editing, click on "export" to generate your YouTube Shorts video.

    2. Clipchamp

    Clipchamp is a free tool recently acquired by Microsoft. It offers fast server speeds and a built-in voiceover creator. To get started, create a free account on Clipchamp.

    Clipchamp provides various templates for different platforms, including YouTube and TikTok. You can choose a TikTok template, which is similar to YouTube Shorts. Select a template that suits your video style and click "use this template."

    Customize your video by removing any unwanted elements, such as watermarks or gradient backgrounds. Next, visit a free stock library like to find copyright-free videos related to your video's theme. Download a few clips and add them to your media library in Clipchamp.

    Drag and drop the clips into your video timeline and adjust their lengths as needed. To create a voiceover, go to the "record and create" section and select "text to speech." Paste your script and choose a voice. Clipchamp offers options for voice style and pitch modulation. Listen to the preview and make any necessary adjustments.

    Once you're satisfied with your video and voiceover, export the video and save it to your media library. Your YouTube Shorts video is now ready to be uploaded.


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    Q: Can I use Flicky or Clipchamp for free? A: Both tools offer free versions with basic functionalities. However, Flicky also offers an upgrade option for more advanced features at a cost of $ 6 per month.

    Q: Are the videos created with these tools copyright-free? A: The tools themselves do not provide copyright-free videos. However, they allow you to use videos from stock libraries like, which offer copyright-free content for use in your YouTube Shorts videos.

    Q: How can I ensure my YouTube Shorts videos are monetized? A: While YouTube has announced plans to monetize YouTube Shorts videos starting from February 2023, ultimately, the decision lies with YouTube. It is essential to create high-quality videos with good voiceovers and appealing content to increase your chances of monetization.

    Q: Can I use my own videos in Flicky or Clipchamp? A: Yes, you can use your own videos in these tools. Both Flicky and Clipchamp allow you to import and incorporate your videos into your YouTube Shorts projects.

    Q: What type of script should I use for YouTube Shorts videos? A: It is recommended to create a concise and engaging script that aligns with the theme or purpose of your YouTube Shorts video. Consider using AI writing tools or following established storytelling techniques to create an effective script.

    Q: Can I make adjustments to the voiceover in Flicky or Clipchamp? A: Yes, both tools offer options to adjust the voiceover's style, pitch, and pronunciation. You can experiment with these settings to create a voiceover that best suits your YouTube Shorts video.

    Q: Is it necessary to upgrade to the paid version of these tools? A: The free versions of Flicky and Clipchamp provide sufficient features to create YouTube Shorts videos. However, if you require additional functionalities or more advanced editing options, you may choose to upgrade to the paid versions.

    Q: How long does it take to create a YouTube Shorts video using these tools? A: With the user-friendly interfaces and AI-powered features of Flicky and Clipchamp, you can create YouTube Shorts videos quickly. The process usually takes a few minutes to complete, depending on the complexity and length of your video.

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