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    How To Create YouTube Shorts using ChatGPT & Free AI Tools

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    How To Create YouTube Shorts using ChatGPT & Free AI Tools

    If we talk about the views on YouTube shot, then it is not that much, but if we talk about the views of the subscribers, then you can see its results. Whatever be the short video platform, we have to maintain consistency on it. If we want such results and consistency maintenance is less when we publish content regularly, now to publish content regularly, we have to create content regularly but in this world everything is possible. Thoughts When This Video I bill talk about how you will create YouTube shot using i tools so first of all our role is chaat gupt and if you don't know in 4 gd's bad chaat gupt is a free tool with the help of which we can explore anything Like Google but it is much more advanced than Google, so first of all here we have to write that I am 10 English talk talk ideas on YouTube show in the field of self-improvement. You have to mention your selection here. Here in front of you are 10 such top one. There are ideas on which you can create your YouTube shot, now here you will have to give a prompt on the right 67 scripts on this topic, you will have to do that [Music], click on Continue with Google and select your Gmail ID, here you will get many options. You get to see the problem here, you have to do something like script, video, yes, because you have the script and it is ready, now you want to convert the script into your video, then what will you do, first of all click on proceed, here is the title and complete. Copy the script from here and paste it here and here you have done a lot by going above the scene setting, you have to select line break and give proceed and here you have to like templates, anyone can do it, I am doing it here. And here we have to select the aspect ratio which is 96 because we are making a YouTube shot, here you have got different different senses, you are not subscribed on them, if victory came, they have automatically generated the clip here, according to Your screen and if you want to change the background clip, then click on Easily Visuals and here you will get the entire clip which is in your video. If you want, you can also upload your own and add it to your clip here. Now we have to go to the audio area because we have to give voice to our shorts video and if we go to voice-over here we get different different voices, we can do any of them here uncle apply and if you If you want to watch the video then click on preview offer less procrastination and 30 seconds so if we talk about this clip which is boring me a lot so we will upload our clip here on Tuesdays and let me upload it here You can upload your own video but where to find the video easily on, you can also find your video from here, like I am writing here walk and you have to click here and give more in the filter. Click on which orientation and click on vertical because of you is also vertical and cup in mind, you have to grab the first impression of people, for example I have taken this video, download it, upload the video here, cup in mind, your scene here. It should be selected and click on this video, this video will be replaced by your previous video, so now you can watch it, three easy steps, 30 seconds, but this voice is speaking very slowly, for this we will make it a little fast. For that you will have to click on the audio here and give 'You can increase the speed here instead of normal and keep it as per your requirement for 30 seconds. Now our speed is good but here we have to reduce the derivation a little because this is 10. Second here pe lek baitha hai, its timing should be the same for us as its voice is, so here five seconds its timing should be kept late and give apply and here we will have to check again once the video is shown in the destination and 30 seconds more you Timing of all the sciences will be done manually, one by one, according to the voice. After setting this video in English, click on download and here the video. Our video is ready, you can watch it. Now let's talk about whether the YouTube channel will finally be monetized or not. If not, then many people have this doubt that our YouTube channels are not monetized through AVOS. Yes, it is true. What is the solution? To know what is the solution, you can watch this video and I will see you in the next video. [Music] [Applause] [Music]


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