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    How To Do A.I. Avatar Trend On TikTok & Instagram I Lensa A.I. Avatar Tutorial

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    How To Do A.I. Avatar Trend On TikTok & Instagram | Lensa A.I. Avatar Tutorial

    Welcome back to another tutorial! In this guide, we will learn how to convert your photos into avatars, a trendy feature using AI technology on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. If you are new to the channel, make sure to subscribe for more tutorials like this in the future.

    The first step is to install the Lensa application on your iPhone or Android device. Once installed, open the app and tap on "Magic Avatars." Click on "Try Now" to preview the avatars that will be created for you using AI technology. Confirm that you are over 18 years old and select 10 to 20 photos from your gallery. Choose your gender and proceed to purchase the avatars. Please note that this feature is not free due to the computational power required to create these avatars, but they are reasonably priced and definitely worth it for the cool results.

    That’s how you can join the AI Avatar trend on Instagram and TikTok. Thank you for watching!


    • A.I. Avatar Trend
    • TikTok
    • Instagram
    • Lensa App
    • AI Technology
    • Avatars Creation
    • Gender Selection
    • Computational Power
    • Trendy Features
    • Tutorial


    Q: Is the A.I. Avatar trend free to use on platforms like TikTok and Instagram?
    A: The A.I. Avatar feature typically requires a purchase as it involves significant computational power to create the avatars.

    Q: How many photos do I need to select from my gallery to create A.I. Avatars?
    A: You are required to select 10 to 20 photos from your photo gallery when creating avatars using AI technology.

    Q: Can I customize the avatars created using the Lensa app?
    A: While the avatars are generated using AI technology, you can select your gender and choose the photos you want to include in the creation process.

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