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    How To Do The AI Anime Filter Trend on TikTok

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    How To Do The AI Anime Filter Trend on TikTok

    Are you looking to join the latest trend on TikTok using the AI anime filter? In this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating your own custom animated TikTok video using this filter.

    To get started, open the Apple App Store and download the FacePlay application. Follow the instructions below to create a unique TikTok video with the AI anime filter.

    1. Open the FacePlay app and select a free template that you like.
    2. Choose between taking a live photo or selecting a photo from your gallery.
    3. Once you've selected your photo, tap on confirm and wait for the filter to be applied.
    4. Save the filtered photo and close the FacePlay app.
    5. Open the TikTok app and search for the AI anime filter in Cap Cut.
    6. Select a video and tap on "Try this template" followed by "Use template in Cap Cut."
    7. In Cap Cut, select your original photo and the filtered photo.
    8. Preview the video and export it to TikTok.

    Follow these steps to create your own AI anime-filtered TikTok video and join the latest trend on the platform. Enjoy experimenting with different templates and photos to create unique and engaging content for your TikTok audience.


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    1. How do I find and download the FacePlay app for the AI anime filter on TikTok?
    2. Can I use the AI anime filter on TikTok with photos from my gallery?
    3. Is the Cap Cut app necessary to apply the AI anime filter to TikTok videos?

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