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    How To Drive Leads with TikTok for FREE | TikTok Marketing for Business

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    How To Drive Leads with TikTok for FREE | TikTok Marketing for Business

    Are you looking to take advantage of the fastest growing social media platform, TikTok, to reach more customers and generate leads for your small business? In this article, we will walk you through the process of setting up and driving leads through TikTok without using paid ads. TikTok now offers a lead generation feature for businesses, allowing you to generate leads through your organic videos. Let's dive in and explore how you can leverage this opportunity for your business.

    Step 1: Setting up a Business TikTok Account

    To start driving leads with TikTok for free, you will need a business TikTok account. Follow these steps to set up your account:

    1. Convert your personal TikTok account into a business account. TikTok will guide you through the simple process of shifting your account.
    2. Provide the requested business information. It may take some time for TikTok to review your account and approve the change.

    Once your business account is set up, you can proceed to the next step.

    Step 2: Enabling Lead Generation on TikTok

    Now that you have a business TikTok account, you can enable the lead generation feature. Here's how:

    1. Navigate to your profile and click on the three lines in the top right-hand corner.
    2. Locate and click on "Business Suite".
    3. Click on "Get Leads" and choose the goal you want to use. For example, you can select "Get Quote".
    4. Customize your goal's display and add an introduction to your leads form.
    5. Choose the contact information you want to collect from potential leads.
    6. Preview your lead generation form and make any necessary adjustments.
    7. Upload your privacy policy or manually add it if you don't have a website page covering it.
    8. Review the details of your lead generation form and submit it.
    9. Wait for TikTok to review your information and enable the lead generation feature.

    Once the feature is enabled, you will receive a notification, and the "Get Lead" button will appear on your videos and profile.

    Step 3: Creating Lead Generation TikTok Videos

    To drive leads through TikTok, you need to create engaging videos with a clear call to action. Here's where you can use a powerful video maker called InVideo to simplify the process:

    1. Visit and sign up for a free account.
    2. Explore the pre-made video templates specifically designed for lead generation on TikTok.
    3. Customize the chosen template by adding your own text, images, or videos.
    4. Preview and make any necessary adjustments to your video.
    5. Export and download your video.

    Once you have your lead generation video ready, you can upload it to your TikTok business account.


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    1. Can I drive leads on TikTok without using paid ads? Ans: Yes, TikTok now offers a lead generation feature for businesses, allowing you to generate leads organically through your videos.

    2. How do I set up a business TikTok account? Ans: Convert your personal TikTok account into a business account and provide the requested business information.

    3. Can I customize the lead generation forms on TikTok? Ans: Yes, you can customize your lead generation forms by adding an introduction and selecting the contact information you want to collect.

    4. Do I need to pay for InVideo to create lead generation TikTok videos? Ans: InVideo offers a free plan to get started, but you may need to upgrade to a paid plan to remove their watermark and unlock additional features.

    5. How do I upload my lead generation video to TikTok? Ans: Simply upload your video to your TikTok business account, add a caption and cover, and include your lead generation link in the designated section.

    6. Can I track and manage the leads generated through TikTok? Ans: Yes, TikTok provides a leads manager where you can track and manage the information of your leads.

    By following these steps, you can drive leads for your small business through TikTok's organic video marketing activities. Take advantage of this opportunity and leverage the power of TikTok to reach more customers and grow your business.

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