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    How To Edit A Facebook Live Or Recorded Video Like A Pro In 2023!

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    How To Edit A Facebook Live Or Recorded Video Like A Pro In 2023!

    Hello my lovelies and welcome to my channel! In this video today, I will show you how to edit and add a thumbnail to your Facebook videos. I recently recorded a live video on my Facebook page in April 2023 and I will be using the new meta business suite to edit the video and add a thumbnail. Follow along as I guide you through the process and feel free to ask any questions in the comments below. Don't forget to hit the subscribe button for more tips on using video on Facebook!

    To begin editing your Facebook video like a pro, make sure you are acting as your business page on Facebook. This can be done by ensuring your business page profile picture appears in the top right corner of the page. Once you are on your page, navigate to your video, and click on it to open it in full screen. From there, you can access the editing options in the Meta business suite, where you can make changes to your video, including adding a custom thumbnail.


    • Facebook video editing
    • Meta business suite
    • Adding thumbnails to videos
    • Video customization
    • Facebook business page


    1. How do I ensure I am acting as my business page on Facebook when editing a video?

      • To act as your business page, make sure your business page profile picture is displayed in the top right corner of the page. If you see a different profile picture or another page you manage, you are not acting as your business page.
    2. Can I customize the thumbnail of my Facebook video in the Meta business suite?

      • Yes, in the Meta business suite, you can choose to select an auto-generated image, upload a custom image, or choose a video frame as the thumbnail for your Facebook video.
    3. What other editing options are available in the Meta business suite for Facebook videos?

      • Apart from adding thumbnails, you can edit video details, manage captions and subtitles, choose distribution settings, add labels, and track performance metrics for your Facebook videos.

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