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    How To Edit A Facebook Post After Boosting

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    How To Edit A Facebook Post After Boosting

    I remember years ago trying to edit a Facebook post after I boosted it and it wouldn't let me. I was so frustrated, but turns out you can. By the end of this video, you'll know how to edit a Facebook post after boosting.

    Hey busy people, welcome to Five Minute Social Media where I help time-strapped business owners have powerful social media results without the need for a big team, a giant budget, or posting every single day. That sounds like something you want in your business, take a second, hit subscribe, click that bell. That way you'll be notified each week when we release another helpful video. My name is Jerry Potter, yes it rhymes with the boy wizard and in this video, I'm going to show you how to edit a Facebook post after boosting.

    It is one of the biggest pains in the world. You put something up and off it goes. It starts getting engagement, and then you notice a typo or the link is wrong or some other information is wrong, and you've already got all these comments you don't want to lose. So how do you edit it? Well, there is a catch when you edit, you do lose something, but let me show you exactly how it works, and then you can decide if it's worth doing or not.

    So, I'm on my Facebook business page, and normally if you go and click on the three dots on a page post, you can click edit post, and it will let you edit the text. It doesn't let you swap out the images usually or anything like that, but you can at least edit the text portion of that post. But if it's a post you've boosted, then sometimes you click three dots, and you can see view edit history, but there is no option to edit the post. Super frustrating because it might have gone up, you might have gotten a lot of engagement, and then you can't fix the typo that you caught later on.

    Click down here on view results and you'll see the results here. Now, if the data is important to you, you might want to screenshot this or write it down or something so that you have it because once we do what we're going to do is actually delete the ad. So, it doesn't delete the post, it just deletes the ad, but once we do that, we won't be able to see this data anymore.

    So, I click here, I'm going to choose delete ad. Again, make sure you get the data that you need before you do this if you want it at all. Are you sure you want to delete your ad? Confirm. Now I go back to this post, you can see it no longer says boost again or view results down below. But when I click on the three dots this time, edit post appears. You can click that, then you can edit the post. Then you can go back afterward and re-boost it, but at least you retain all of your comments and reactions and everything else, as opposed to deleting the whole post and then starting over again.

    It's frustrating when mistakes cost us time in our business, but it's inevitable, we all make mistakes, right? But if you do want to save time on your social media, I put together this free guide - six ways to cut your social media workload in half. Click on your screen right there to download it, it's free. Or if it's not showing up on your device, find the link in the description of this video. Thank you for supporting me at Five Minute Social Media and my two tiny superheroes at home.


    Facebook post editing, Boosted post editing, Social media management, Engagement retention, Facebook business page editing


    1. Can you edit a Facebook post after boosting it?

      • Yes, you can edit a Facebook post after boosting it. By following certain steps, you can retain all your comments and engagement while making necessary edits.
    2. What is the importance of editing a boosted Facebook post?

      • Editing a boosted Facebook post allows you to correct typos, update incorrect information, and improve the overall quality of your post without losing engagement and comments.
    3. Is it possible to edit images in a boosted Facebook post?

      • Generally, when editing a boosted post, you can only edit the text and not swap out images.

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