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    How To Edit GAMING Vertical TikTok Videos On Premiere Pro... (Full Tutorial)

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    How To Edit GAMING Vertical TikTok Videos On Premiere Pro... (Full Tutorial)

    Today, we will delve into a comprehensive tutorial on editing gaming vertical TikTok videos using Premiere Pro. VisLou takes us through step by step in creating high-quality TikToks, from setting up a new project to exporting the final video. Let's dive into the details:

    Firstly, VisLou starts by naming the project and importing the necessary clips for the TikTok video. He then explains how to edit and adjust the audio, including muting the game audio, recording voice overs, and normalizing audio peaks for a consistent volume level. Additionally, he demonstrates how to add video transitions like film dissolve and cross dissolve for smooth transitions between clips.

    Next, VisLou focuses on enhancing the visual elements of the video by adding a blur effect to the gameplay clips to create a TikTok format. He guides on changing the frame size to 1080 by 1920, optimizing it for vertical viewing on TikTok. Once the editing is complete, he shows how to render and export the video for further editing on mobile apps like CapCut for adding captions before posting on TikTok.


    • Premiere Pro
    • TikTok editing
    • Gaming videos
    • Audio editing
    • Video transitions
    • Vertical format
    • CapCut


    1. What software does VisLou use for editing his TikTok videos? VisLou uses Premiere Pro for editing his gaming vertical TikTok videos.

    2. How does VisLou ensure consistent audio levels in his TikTok videos? He normalizes all audio peaks to a set level, usually around -5dB, to maintain a consistent volume throughout the video.

    3. Why does VisLou add blur effects and change the frame size for TikTok videos? By adding blur effects and adjusting the frame size to 1080 by 1920, VisLou optimizes the video for vertical viewing on TikTok, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

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