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    How To Edit Vertical Video on iMovie iPhone

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    How To Edit Vertical Video on iMovie iPhone

    In this article, we will guide you on how to edit vertical videos using iMovie on an iPhone. iMovie is a popular video editing software available on Apple devices, offering a range of tools to enhance your video editing experience. Editing vertical videos is essential for platforms like Instagram Stories or TikTok, where vertical orientation is preferred. Follow the steps below to edit your vertical videos seamlessly using iMovie on your iPhone.

    1. Importing Vertical Clips: Launch iMovie on your iPhone, click on "Create a Movie," and select the vertical clips you want to import into your project.

    2. Adjusting Video Orientation: Once the vertical video clip is on your timeline, select the clip, tap the magnifying glass icon at the top right, and pinch the screen to resize the video vertically.

    3. Editing the Video: Resize all vertical clips on your timeline before starting the editing process. Add text, coloring effects, or any other desired effects to enhance your video.

    4. Saving and Exporting: Click on the "Done" button, then on the share icon, followed by "Save Video." This will process your video and save it to your camera roll.

    5. Finalizing Vertical Format: Open the saved video in your camera roll, click on "Edit," then on the crop icon. Crop the video to a 9x16 aspect ratio, ensuring it fits the vertical video format perfectly.

    6. Completing the Process: Once you've adjusted the aspect ratio, click "Done," and your vertical video clip is ready! Now you can share your edited vertical video effortlessly.


    • iMovie for iPhone
    • Edit vertical video
    • Adjusting video orientation
    • Adding text and effects
    • Saving and exporting
    • Finalizing vertical format


    1. Can I edit vertical videos using iMovie on my iPhone? Yes, iMovie for iPhone allows you to easily edit vertical videos by adjusting the video orientation, adding text, effects, and exporting them in the desired format.

    2. How do I adjust the aspect ratio of a vertical video in iMovie? To adjust the aspect ratio of a vertical video in iMovie, select the video clip, tap the magnifying glass icon, pinch the screen to resize it vertically, and then crop the video to a 9x16 aspect ratio to fit the vertical format accurately.

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