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    How To Edit Videos Using AI | 5 Best AI Video Editing Tools

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    How To Edit Videos Using AI | 5 Best AI Video Editing Tools

    In today's digital age, creating content has become easier than ever. However, the most time-consuming part of content creation is often the editing process. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) has stepped in to help streamline this process. There are several AI video editing tools available, but it can be difficult to determine which ones are truly useful. In this article, we will explore the top five AI video editing tools that can significantly assist content creators.

    Feed AI

    Feed AI is an online video editor designed to simplify the video editing process for anyone who wants to create high-quality videos without the need for advanced editing software like Premiere. With its recent addition of AI capabilities, Feed AI offers a powerful text-to-video tool. By simply entering a prompt, such as "Create a meditation guide video," Feed AI generates a complete video with scripting, editing, subtitles, voiceover, and background music in just 60 seconds. The generated video can then be further customized using the timeline editor. While the basic plan is free, upgrading to the Pro Plan removes watermarks.

    Opus Pro

    Opus Pro is an AI tool that excels at transforming long-form content into short-form content. It allows creators to upload their existing content and generate short video clips with one click. To use Opus Pro, simply provide a link to the desired video content, select a preferred style, and specify the desired clip length. Opus Pro will analyze the content and generate multiple clips that highlight the best parts. This tool is ideal for creators who want to repurpose their content and create engaging short videos for platforms like YouTube. Opus Pro offers both free and premium plans.

    InVideo AI

    InVideo AI is a versatile video editing tool that allows users to input a prompt and generate a unique video based on their script. This tool is perfect for creating YouTube videos, educational videos, or faceless YouTube channels. By providing specific instructions in the prompt, users can customize the video's tone, style, and even the voiceover. InVideo AI offers a wide range of pre-set templates and customization options, including the ability to upload your own media. Users can export videos without watermarks and customize the subtitles, making it an excellent choice for those who want complete creative control. However, premium features require a subscription.


    SubmMagic is a game-changing tool for editing YouTube shorts and adding subtitles to videos. It offers a range of caption styles and allows users to customize the positioning, size, and highlighting colors of the subtitles. Additionally, SubmMagic provides the option to add emojis, sound effects, and b-roll footage to enhance the video's quality. This tool is perfect for creators who rely on short-form content for platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. SubmMagic offers a discount code for those interested in using its premium features.

    Pictory AI

    Pictory AI takes a different approach to video editing by generating videos based on user-provided scripts. Once a script is uploaded, Pictory AI analyzes the content and generates a video with scenes, subtitles, and background music. Users can edit and customize the video further, including voiceover options from 11laps, one of the leading AI voiceover generators. Pictory AI allows users to split scenes, change visuals, and alter the audio to create a video that aligns with their creative vision. Premium features are required to access voiceover options and exported videos without watermarks.


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    Q: Can AI video editing tools completely replace traditional video editing software? A: While AI video editing tools have become incredibly advanced, they are not a complete replacement for traditional video editing software. These tools can streamline the editing process and offer unique features, but human creativity and expertise are still essential for complex projects.

    Q: Are there any limitations to using AI video editing tools? A: AI video editing tools have certain limitations. While they can generate videos quickly, they require specific instructions and may not always produce the desired results. It's important to experiment with different tools and understand their capabilities before relying solely on AI for video editing. Additionally, some premium features may require a subscription for full access.

    Q: Can AI video editing tools be used for professional video editing projects? A: Yes, AI video editing tools can be used for professional video editing projects. However, it's important to carefully select the right tool based on the specific requirements of the project. AI tools can certainly enhance productivity and speed up the editing process, but they should be used in conjunction with human expertise and creativity for optimal results.

    Q: Do AI video editing tools offer support and updates? A: Yes, most AI video editing tools offer customer support and regular updates to improve performance and add new features. It's recommended to check the support options and terms of service for each tool to ensure a reliable user experience.

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