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    How To Fix A Muted Video On TikTok | How to Fix Tiktok Sound Removed

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    How To Fix A Muted Video On TikTok | How to Fix Tiktok Sound Removed

    So you uploaded a video and, for some reason, the video got muted. Believe me, I've been there numerous times, and here's how to solve your problem. Let's get right into it. This is actually pretty simple.

    To fix a muted video on TikTok, follow these steps:

    1. Select the video you want to upload from your gallery.
    2. Click on "Add Sound" at the top, represented by the music icon.
    3. A menu will appear below; select any of the sounds from the options.
    4. Tap on the selected sound in the bottom left corner and slide the volume to zero.
    5. Write your caption, description, or any other necessary details.
    6. Upload your video, and this time it won't get muted.

    If this helps you, drop a like, subscribe, and comment if you face any complications. Stay tuned for more tips and guides!


    • TikTok
    • Muted video
    • Fixing sound removal
    • Uploading videos
    • Adding sound


    • Why do TikTok videos sometimes get muted?
      Occasionally, TikTok may detect copyrighted music in your video, leading to the sound being removed to prevent copyright infringement issues.

    • Can I unmute a video after it has been uploaded on TikTok?
      Once a video is uploaded with muted sound, you cannot change the sound within the app. The solution is to re-upload the video with the sound adjusted before uploading.

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