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    How To Get 1 Million TikTok Followers For Musicians (Grow Fast Before It's Too Late)

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    How To Get 1 Million TikTok Followers For Musicians (Grow Fast Before It's Too Late)

    Are you a musician looking to rapidly grow your audience on TikTok? In this article, we will explore effective strategies used by successful TikTok creators who have not only built a massive following but have also leveraged their platform to promote their music careers. By learning from their techniques, you can incorporate them into your own content creation, attract a larger audience, and effectively promote your music. Let's dive in!

    The 80/20 Rule: Quantity and Quality

    When it comes to content creation on TikTok, the pace is crucial. In terms of both quantity and quality, striking a balance is essential for success. Unlike on platforms like YouTube, where viewers might watch a handful of videos within an hour, on TikTok, users are exposed to a much larger volume of content. This means that consistency in posting is key. So, how can you maintain both high quantity and high quality in your TikTok content?

    Let's look at the 80/20 rule, which is a strategy used by successful TikTok creators. The idea behind this rule is to spend 80% of your time, effort, energy, and resources on honing your musical talent, creating exceptional music, and perfecting your setup. Once you have done this, the remaining 20% of your time should be dedicated to the actual content creation and posting.

    Learning from Chloe Adams

    An artist who exemplifies the 80/20 rule is Chloe Adams [@chloeadamsmusic] on TikTok. With over 1.3 million followers, she has quickly built a dedicated audience through her music and social media content creation strategies. Chloe Adams has mastered the art of setting up visually appealing frames and backgrounds, allowing her to focus solely on showcasing her singing talent within that space.

    By leveraging her singing ability and her skill for making songs her own, Chloe creates 15-second snippets of both original and cover songs. She sets up a consistent shot with excellent framing, lighting, and a series of white headphones, which stand out among the predominantly black headphones seen on TikTok. Chloe's videos typically feature lyrics from a chorus or her own composition. By streamlining her setup and focusing on the 20% of content creation, Chloe consistently posts high-quality videos that require minimal effort once the setup is in place.

    Understanding the Audience Boxes

    Chloe also understands the importance of catering to different audience segments. She recognizes that there are four main segments:

    1. Box One: People who don't know who you are.
    2. Box Two: People who know who you are but aren't necessarily interested.
    3. Box Three: People who like your content but haven't become fans yet.
    4. Box Four: Your dedicated fans.

    Rather than focusing solely on Box Four, where most artists tend to concentrate their efforts, Chloe creates content that reaches all four boxes. By providing value to people in Box One and engaging with those in Boxes Two and Three, she increases her chances of converting them into fans. Her strategy ensures that when she releases a new song or promotes an event, her dedicated fans in Box Four will be there to support her.

    Nightly Official: Flipping the 80/20 Rule

    Another example of the 80/20 rule can be seen with the TikTok creators Nightly Official [@nightly]. Instead of dedicating 80% of their time to music creation, they have already invested significant effort in producing high-quality music. Their focus then shifts to the 20% of content creation and distribution.

    Nightly Official, a band known for their cool aesthetic, cleverly crafts daily music videos lasting from 12 to 20 seconds. They capitalize on visually appealing locations, such as the golden hour and ambient lighting, to create stunning visuals that highlight their music. By wearing their branded attire, the band positions themselves as recognizable and consistently delivers short but captivating videos.

    Nightly Official's strategy is to attach their music assets to visually stimulating content, attracting viewers and allowing their music to shine. By frequently promoting their songs in this manner, they have grown their audience significantly, with 2.3 million likes on their TikTok videos.


    In this article, we explored the 80/20 rule and how successful TikTok creators utilize it to build their audience and promote their music. By focusing on the 80% of your time and resources on honing your musical talent, you can effortlessly dedicate the remaining 20% to content creation and posting.

    Chloe Adams demonstrated the importance of setting up a visually appealing frame, allowing her to focus on showcasing her singing talent. Simultaneously, Nightly Official flipped the 80/20 rule by investing their efforts in creating exceptional music and optimizing their aesthetics for their TikTok music videos.

    With these strategies, you can set up a blueprint for your own TikTok success, attracting a larger audience and effectively promoting your music career.


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    Q: Who is Chloe Adams, and how has she built a large TikTok following? A: Chloe Adams is a talented artist who has not only gained over 1.3 million TikTok followers but has also leveraged her music career through her strategic content creation. She has mastered the 80/20 rule by setting up visually appealing frames, allowing her to focus on showcasing her singing talent.

    Q: How do Nightly Official utilize the 80/20 rule on TikTok? A: Nightly Official, a talented band, has already dedicated significant effort to creating high-quality music. They then focus on content creation and distribution, attaching their music assets to visually captivating videos. This approach helps them attract a larger audience and promote their music effectively.

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