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    How To Get 4K Or HDR Quality In Filmora | AI Video Enhance Tutorial

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    How To Get 4K Or HDR Quality In Filmora | AI Video Enhance Tutorial

    Hello everyone, welcome back to our Channel! We all know that the definition of video greatly affects the viewing experience. It is for this reason that cameras and projection equipment are currently pursuing high resolution. According to commercial publicity, some home TVs even reach 16k resolution. However, 4K video is still mainstream. So the question arises, what should you do if you have an old home video or want to restore a clip from an old movie? In today's video, we'll introduce you to how to convert ordinary videos into 4K HDR videos. At the end of the video, we will recommend the mainstream and easy-to-use AI video enhancement tools currently on the market. Let's get started!

    First, import the material to be processed into Filmora. Select Curves in the color panel and adjust the four color modes to completely opposite modes. Now the video looks like the negative of the film. Then search for blur in the effects panel and adjust the transparency to 42%. Export this video, remembering to save the settings to high quality and keep the resolution and frame rate consistent with the original project. Import the clip you just exported back into the project and follow the steps as mentioned in the script.

    In simple terms, 4K refers to a horizontal display resolution of 3,840 X 2,160 pixels, resulting in crisper, more detailed video content. On the other hand, HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a technique that heightens a picture's dynamic range, enhancing the contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks and ensuring more vivid and realistic colors. While software can upscale the resolution of a video, it can only simulate extra pixels, not create new details.

    With the development of AI technology, many software now have video enhancement functions to improve video quality. Some popular software includes Filmora, HitPaw Video Enhancer, Topaz Labs, Flixier, etc. By using AI-driven automatic video enhancement features, users can enhance the quality of their videos.


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    2. What is the difference between 4K and HDR in terms of video quality enhancement?
    3. How does AI technology play a role in video enhancement tools like Filmora?
    4. What are some popular software options for enhancing video quality using AI technology?
    5. Is it possible to achieve true 4K quality in videos through post-production methods?

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