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    How To Get Ai To GENERATE Your Facebook Ads For FREE! | Dropshipping

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    How To Get AI To GENERATE Your Facebook Ads For FREE! | Dropshipping

    In today's video, Ali, the CEO of the Empire Builders, demonstrates how to create stunning product images using AI for free. By utilizing a tool called Peebily, you can generate high-quality images for your products with different backgrounds, perfect for advertisements, home pages, retargeting ads, and social media promotions. The process involves uploading your product image without a background, allowing Peebily to automatically remove it and provide you with 40 free images. This AI-powered solution saves time and money that would be spent on hiring a designer. The generated images can enhance the visual appeal of your products across various platforms.


    AI, product images, Peebily, free, background removal, ads, social media, AI-generated images


    1. Can Peebily remove backgrounds from product images efficiently?

      • Peebily uses AI to automatically remove backgrounds from product images for free, providing 40 high-quality pictures.
    2. How can AI-generated images benefit my business?

      • AI-generated images are versatile and can be used for ads, social media promotions, retargeting campaigns, and enhancing product displays.
    3. Is Peebily suitable for all types of product images?

      • Peebily's background removal feature works best with images that have clear product outlines, making it ideal for various product types.

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