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    How To Make A FACELESS YouTube Channel Only With FREE AI Tools (YouTube Automation)

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    How To Make A FACELESS YouTube Channel Only With FREE AI Tools (YouTube Automation)

    Have you ever wondered how some YouTube channels are able to generate thousands of dollars each month without even showing their faces? In this article, we will guide you on how to create a faceless YouTube channel from scratch using only free AI tools. This means that the entire channel will be fully automated by AI, from generating ideas and scripting videos to even doing the voiceover. Let's dive into the process step by step.

    Step 1: Channel Setup

    The first step is to come up with a channel idea. You can use tools like ChatGPT to generate YouTube channel niches. Simply request 50 YouTube channel ideas and choose the one that interests you. For the purpose of this article, let's consider the example of a channel in the philosophy niche.

    To create a channel, go to YouTube and click on "Customize Channel." Fill in the basic information, including the channel name, banner, and about section. You can use AI tools like ChatGPT again to generate channel names that resonate with your chosen niche.

    After setting up your channel, it's time to design your logo and banner. Canva is a great tool to create visually appealing designs. Search for "YouTube logo" and choose the YouTube channel logo template. Customize the text and style to match your channel's theme. Once done, download the logo as a PNG file.

    Next, search for "YouTube banner" in Canva and choose the appropriate template. Add elements like books or any other relevant visuals, and include your logo and channel name. Customize the text, adjust brightness and blur as needed, and download the banner as an image file.

    Upload your logo and banner to your YouTube channel and configure your branding settings. You can also add a video watermark using your transparent logo for a more branded look.

    Step 2: Video Creation

    Now that your channel is set up, let's move on to creating your first video. ChatGPT can be used again to generate video ideas. Request a few philosophy lessons and choose the most compelling one. Next, ask ChatGPT to write a script for a short story explaining the chosen lesson in an easy-to-understand yet entertaining format.

    To add voiceover to your video, head over to Eleven Labs and create an account. Choose a suitable voice from the options available, and use the AI to generate a voiceover using the script you obtained earlier. Download the voiceover as an MP3 file.

    Back to Canva, search for "YouTube video" and select the YouTube video template. Customize the background image or choose a suitable element like books to create an engaging backdrop. Now it's time to create your character. Use Canva's text-to-image AI feature to generate a cartoon-style character that represents your chosen lesson. Download the character as a PNG file.

    To animate your character and make it speak, search for "Did AI" on Google. In the website that appears, create an account and upload your character image. Paste your script and upload the voiceover file you generated earlier. The website will animate your image, making it appear as if it is speaking. Wait for a few minutes while the video is being created.

    Once the video is ready, download it as an MP4 file. You can edit the subtitles using AI subtitle generator tools. This allows you to automatically generate subtitles for your video and style them according to your preferences.

    Step 3: Publishing and Optimization

    With your video created, it's time to upload it to your YouTube channel. Choose an attention-grabbing title using AI tools like ChatGPT or create one yourself. Write a description that accurately portrays the content of your video and includes relevant keywords. Add tags to optimize your video for search.

    Generate a visually appealing thumbnail using Canva by incorporating your title and any relevant visuals. Download it as a JPEG or PNG file.

    Upload your video, add the title, description, tags, and thumbnail. Ensure that you have verified your phone number for the channel. If you want to monetize your channel, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria and follow YouTube's guidelines.

    That's it! Your faceless YouTube channel is ready to share with the world. Start creating and publishing more videos using the same process and watch your channel grow.


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    1. Can a faceless YouTube channel be successful?

      • Absolutely! Many successful YouTube channels do not show the faces of the creators. Great content and effective use of AI tools can help drive engagement and success.
    2. How can AI tools help in creating YouTube videos?

      • AI tools can assist in generating channel ideas, scripting videos, doing voiceovers, generating logos, designing banners, animating characters, and more. They streamline the content creation process, saving time and effort.
    3. Are AI voiceovers realistic?

      • AI voiceovers are continuously improving, but some may still sound artificial. However, they offer a cost-effective solution for voiceover needs in automated YouTube channels.
    4. Can I monetize a faceless YouTube channel?

      • Yes, as long as you meet YouTube's eligibility requirements for monetization, including having a certain number of watch hours and subscribers. Ad revenue, sponsorships, and other monetization options can be pursued.
    5. What are some other AI tools that can be useful for YouTube automation?

      • Apart from the tools mentioned in this article, there are many other AI tools available, such as video editing AI, AI-powered analytics, and transcription tools. Exploring different options can enhance your YouTube automation journey.

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