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    How To Make AI MUSIC VIDEO With Free AI Tools

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    How To Make AI MUSIC VIDEO With Free AI Tools

    I recently had the exciting experience of creating an AI music video using free AI tools for both music and video generation. The process was not only fun but also produced amazing results. Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can also unleash your creativity with AI tools:

    Step 1: Creating AI Music
    The first tool used was AAI to generate a song completely made by AI. By selecting the Funk and soul genre and providing a prompt inspired by Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk", an AI-generated song was created. The process involves accessing AAI's beta on Discord and using the Chirp feature to describe the type of music desired.

    Step 2: Generating AI Video
    Kyber AI was used to create the visual component of the music video. By uploading the AI-generated soundtrack to Kyber, a video featuring Bruno Mars dancing in a luxury hotel was created. The settings for camera movement, zoom, and audio reactivity were customized to achieve the desired cinematic effect.

    Step 3: Bringing it all Together
    The final touch was added by using P. art, an AI video generator, to create additional b-roll clips of people dancing together in a Funk and soul style. Using a prompt and variations, unique and engaging video clips were generated to complement the music and visuals created earlier.

    After downloading all the AI-generated clips, I compiled them using Da Vinci Resolve, a free video editing software. By syncing the clips with the AI-generated soundtrack, a complete AI music video was pieced together, showcasing the seamless integration of AI tools in the creative process.

    The final AI music video showcased the power and creativity of using AI tools for music and video production. The process, from generating music with AAI to creating visuals with Kyber AI and P. art, demonstrated the collaborative and innovative possibilities of AI in the creative industry.


    AI Music Video, Free AI Tools, AAI, Kyber AI, P. art, Bruno Mars, Creative Process, AI-generated Content


    1. What tools were used to create the AI music video?

      • AAI for generating AI music, Kyber AI for creating the video visuals, and P. art for generating additional b-roll clips.
    2. Can anyone access and use these free AI tools?

      • Yes, these tools are accessible to anyone interested in exploring AI-generated content for music and video creation.
    3. How was the AI music video assembled?

      • The AI-generated music and video clips were compiled using Da Vinci Resolve, a free video editing software, to create a cohesive and visually engaging music video.

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