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    How To Make An AI Generated Video *FULL TUTORIAL*

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    How To Make An AI Generated Video FULL TUTORIAL

    If you are wondering how to make a fully generated AI video, look no further. In this tutorial, I will show you exactly what tools I use and how you can achieve the same results. From scriptwriting to character design and animation, I will guide you through each step to create your own AI-generated video. Below is a detailed breakdown of the tools and processes involved in making a high-quality AI video.

    First things first, a good video requires a script, characters, scenes, moving heads, and voices. Here is a list of tools used in the process and how they contribute to the final product:

    • Tools Used:
      • 1. Che GPT: For generating ideas, scripts, conversations, and scene write-ups.
      • 2. Me Journey: For creating characters and scene designs.
      • 3. For background removal behind characters.
      • 4. 11 Labs: For artificial voices similar to characters.
      • 5. Stable Diffusion, Run Diffusion, Genmo: For image animation.
      • 6. The ID: For Talking Heads.
      • 7. Vision: For generating tweets.
      • 8. Cartoon Face: For creating cartoon faces if needed.

    After utilizing these tools to create your content, the final step involves compiling them together using software like Genmo for animation and The ID for presenting the video with voiceovers. By following these steps and tools, you can achieve results similar to AI-generated videos.

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    1. Can I create my own AI-generated video using these tools?
      • Yes, by following the tutorial and utilizing tools like Che GPT, Me Journey, and Genmo, you can create your own AI-generated video.
    2. Do I need prior experience in video production to use these tools?
      • While some familiarity with tools like Photoshop may be helpful, many of the AI tools mentioned in the tutorial provide user-friendly interfaces for beginners.
    3. Is it necessary to have reference images for character design in Me Journey?
      • Yes, having reference images for characters ensures accurate and visually appealing results in the AI-generated video creation process.

    One more thing

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