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    How To Make Ecommerce Video Ads (Easiest Way)

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    How To Make Ecommerce Video Ads (Easiest Way)

    In this article, we will discuss a step-by-step process to create video ads for your ecommerce business or social media marketing agency. Video ads have become extremely popular and can have a tremendous impact on your business. We will explore a simple and affordable software called InVideo to create these ads, without the need for expensive editing software like Adobe Premiere.

    Step 1: Get Inspiration

    Before diving into creating video ads, it is essential to get inspiration from existing successful ads. Spend some time watching video ads and dissecting what makes them effective. A great resource for inspiration is TikTok's Creative Center. Go to Google, type "TikTok Creative Center," and click on the first link. Explore the top ads section and specifically focus on conversion ads because they drive sales. Take note of the elements that make these ads successful, such as engaging visuals, anticipation-building, and the presence of faces.

    Step 2: Create Your Video Ad

    To create your video ad, we will be using InVideo, a user-friendly and affordable video editing software. Visit and browse their preset templates categorized by size. Since TikTok ads are vertical, select the vertical option. InVideo offers a wide range of templates that can be customized to fit your brand or client's needs. Experiment with different templates and have fun while creating your ad. Remember to prioritize fast-paced videos, with the first three seconds being crucial for capturing attention.

    Step 3: Adding Personal Touches

    For this step, we will use a product from AliExpress as an example. Although we recommend using AliExpress to test product ideas in the dropshipping business model, you can work with a sourcing agent to find similar products at competitive prices. Find videos of the product on AliExpress using the "AliExpress Product Images and Videos" Chrome extension. Download the videos to use in your ads. Import the downloaded video clips into InVideo and start building your scenes. Trim and arrange the clips to create a captivating flow. Consider using stock footage provided by InVideo to enhance your ad. Add engaging text and compelling offers to make your ad more attractive.


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    1. Can I create video ads without prior editing skills? Yes, you can use InVideo, a user-friendly and affordable video editing software, to create video ads without any prior editing skills. It offers preset templates and simple editing features to help you create professional-looking ads.

    2. How important are the first three seconds of a video ad? The first three seconds of a video ad are crucial for capturing the viewer's attention. It is essential to make those seconds engaging and captivating to encourage viewers to watch the entire ad.

    3. Can I use AliExpress products for dropshipping without ordering inventory? Yes, the dropshipping business model allows you to ship orders directly from the manufacturer, such as AliExpress, without holding inventory. You can test product ideas and validate demand before committing to large inventory orders.

    4. How can I make my video ad more personalized? To make your video ad more personalized, consider adding personal touches like incorporating your branding and using text or offers that resonate with your target audience. You can also customize the visuals and messaging to align with your brand identity.

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