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    How To Make Faceless Videos Using AI In Less Than 5 Minutes #shorts

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    How To Make Faceless Videos Using AI In Less Than 5 Minutes #shorts

    Have you ever wondered how you can create faceless videos in less than five minutes using AI technology? In this guide, we will walk you through the simple steps to achieve this.

    Step #1: Begin by visiting ChatGPT and inputting a topic for a 30-second video script. Once you have the script, proceed to step two.

    Step #2: Head over to and paste the text from ChatGPT to generate an audio file that speaks the script out loud.

    Step #3: Move on to Pictory.AI, where you will input your script, select a template, choose an aspect ratio, and let the AI generate your video scenes. Upload the audio generated from 11labs and let Pictory.AI sync the audio with the text for a seamless video.

    If you wish to monetize this skill, select a niche like health, wealth, or relationships, and consistently post your videos on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Over time, you may start receiving financial benefits from your efforts.


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    1. Can I create faceless videos using AI technology in less than five minutes?
    2. Which platforms can I post my AI-generated videos for potential monetization?
    3. What are the key steps involved in making faceless videos using AI?

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