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    How To Make INSANE Logo Animations (Premiere Pro)

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    How To Make INSANE Logo Animations (Premiere Pro)

    Video editing and all the creative possibilities that come with it can truly be a captivating experience. For some, like myself, it all began with a passion for creating videos, such as skateboarding clips, and diving into the world of video editing. The journey may have been filled with struggles in the beginning, especially in learning effects and animations without access to proper guidance. However, with perseverance and the right tools, one can master the art of Motion Graphics. In this tutorial, we will explore how to create a stunning logo animation using Premiere Pro.

    To start, create a background with a black color matte and add noise and lens distortion effects to give it a glitchy look. Then, create a square shape for the logo animation, animate its movement using keyframes, and apply motion blur for a dynamic effect. By adding basic 3D and directional blur effects, your animation will gain depth and motion. Insert your logo, adjust its properties, and use the tint effect to change its color. Transition from the logo to text smoothly by animating the position and reveal the text creatively.

    Enhance the animation with glitch effects using adjustment layers and digital glitch filters. Add flickering and chromatic aberrations for a glitchy and dynamic appearance. Finally, complete the animation with sound effects and sound design to elevate the visual experience. By combining these techniques, you can create professional and captivating logo animations to enhance your video projects.


    • Video editing
    • Logo animation
    • Premiere Pro
    • Motion Graphics
    • Glitch effects
    • Sound design


    1. What software is used to create logo animations in this tutorial? In this tutorial, Premiere Pro is used to demonstrate the process of creating logo animations with various effects and animations.

    2. Can beginners follow this tutorial to create logo animations? While the tutorial covers advanced techniques, beginners can still benefit from learning the basics of logo animations and understanding the workflow in Premiere Pro.

    3. Are sound effects essential for logo animations? Sound effects play a crucial role in enhancing the impact of logo animations, adding depth and immersion to the visual experience.

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