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    How To Make Music With Ai : Generate Song From Text

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    How To Make Music With AI: Generate Song From Text

    Have you ever thought about creating music without being a musician or singer? With the help of AI technology, you can now easily generate songs and beats tailored to your preferences. Voice mod is an AI tool that enables audio and free music editing, allowing you to craft unique compositions effortlessly. In this article, we will guide you through the process of using Voice mod to create music from text.

    To begin, sign up on the Voice mod website for free using your Google account or email. Once registered, head to the "Text to Song" page where you'll find a variety of music templates to choose from. Listen to the samples and select one to kickstart your creative journey. Follow the four steps - song, singer, lyrics, and sharing - to personalize your composition. Pick a singer that matches your style, input or generate lyrics using tools like Chat GPT, and then generate your song with a click of a button. You can customize the song name and singer before downloading and sharing your creation.


    AI music generation, Voice mod, text to song, music templates, singer selection, lyrics generation, Chat GPT, personalized composition, creative process.


    1. Can I use Voice mod to generate music for commercial purposes?

      • Voice mod can be used to create music for personal or non-commercial projects. For commercial usage, it is recommended to check the licensing terms.
    2. Are the generated songs completely original?

      • While the songs generated by Voice mod may be unique, they are based on the templates and inputs provided by the user. It's a blend of AI assistance and user creativity.
    3. Is Voice mod suitable for beginners with no musical background?

      • Yes, Voice mod is beginner-friendly and does not require any prior musical knowledge. The interface is designed to guide users through the music creation process seamlessly.

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