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    How To Make PASSIVE INCOME Selling AI Greeting Cards WITH ChatGPT & Midjourney Alternative ($357K+)

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    How To Make PASSIVE INCOME Selling AI Greeting Cards WITH ChatGPT & Midjourney Alternative ($ 357K+)

    Are you looking for a way to make passive income online? Selling greeting cards on platforms like Etsy is a highly lucrative business model that can help you achieve your financial goals. With the power of AI, you can easily and quickly start your own successful online business in just a matter of minutes. This article will guide you through the process of setting up a print-on-demand business using AI-generated designs and leveraging platforms like ChatGPT and Midjourney Alternative.

    Step 1: Drawing Inspiration from Successful Businesses

    To begin your print-on-demand business, you need to draw inspiration from successful businesses in your niche. Platforms like Etsy are great for finding high-earning sellers who can serve as models for your business. Start by searching for your niche on Etsy, such as "greeting cards." Scroll through the results and identify sellers who are making the most money. Take note of their designs and the themes they use.

    Platforms like can help you analyze these sellers' stores to determine their revenue. Enter the sellers' names into the shop analyzer feature on to see their earnings. Make a list of the sellers who are making the most money and focus on replicating or even exceeding their success.

    Step 2: Creating AI-Generated Designs with ChatGPT

    Now that you have gathered inspiration from successful sellers, it's time to create your own unique designs. AI platforms like Kittle and ChatGPT can generate incredible designs in just seconds. Start by signing up for Etsy and Printify, ensuring that your first 40 listings on Etsy are free. After signing up, create a new project on Kittle.

    In Kittle, enter the design you want to generate using AI text-to-image technology. For example, you can type "dog in a business suit wearing glasses." Click on "generate image," and Kittle will create the design for you in various styles. You can select the style that suits your greeting card business, such as nursery art or watercolor.

    Download the AI-generated design in SVG format and make any necessary edits, such as removing the background and adding desired textures or colors. You can also use ChatGPT to generate funny puns related to your design. For example, you can search for "funny dog puns for a greeting card" on ChatGPT and get a list of puns to accompany your design.

    Step 3: Uploading Designs to Printify and Etsy

    Once you have your AI-generated design ready, it's time to upload it to Printify and create your greeting card listing. Connect your Etsy store to your Printify account, ensuring that the shipping process will be automated when customers make purchases.

    Locate the white label greeting card products on Printify and select the one you want to use for your design. Upload your AI-generated design onto the greeting card and adjust the width and other settings. Save the product and preview how it will appear on your Etsy listing.

    Before publishing the listing on Etsy, make sure to fill out the title and description, drawing inspiration from successful sellers in your niche. Set your profit margin, which determines the amount of money you will make from each sale. Finally, click on "publish" and let your automated print-on-demand business begin generating passive income.


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    1. How long does it take to set up a print-on-demand business?

    With AI-generated designs and the help of platforms like Kittle and ChatGPT, you can set up a print-on-demand business in as little as 15 minutes.

    2. Do I need any design skills to create AI-generated designs?

    No design skills are necessary. AI platforms like Kittle and ChatGPT can generate designs for you in just seconds. You only need to input the desired design descriptions or text.

    3. Are AI-generated designs unique and copyright-free?

    The generated designs are unique, but it's important to credit the AI platform used. Make sure to check the terms and conditions of the AI platform you're using to ensure compliance with copyright laws.

    4. Can I sell the designs from Kittle and ChatGPT commercially?

    If you're using the free version of Kittle or ChatGPT, it's generally permissible to sell these designs commercially as long as you credit the platforms. Make sure to check the terms and conditions of the specific AI platform you're using for any restrictions or guidelines.

    5. How can I promote my print-on-demand greeting card business?

    Once you have your Etsy listing live, utilize social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, to showcase your designs. Engage with potential customers and seek collaborations with influencers in your niche to increase visibility and reach.

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