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    How To Make Viral Podcast Shorts For YouTube With Ai

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    How To Make Viral Podcast Shorts For YouTube With AI

    You can convert YouTube interview videos into short clips with the help of AI and add captions effortlessly. Follow these steps to create engaging videos quickly:

    1. Choose the video: Copy the YouTube video link and paste it in the designated area. Select the language of the video (Hindi or English) and let the AI process the video to find the best segments automatically.

    2. AI Processing: The AI will generate short clips with captions based on the selected video language. Once the processing is complete, you can download the edited videos.

    3. Video Details: When uploading the video to YouTube, ensure to provide a proper title and description. Include the video source link, a copyright disclaimer, and engage with viewers by encouraging likes, comments, shares, and subscriptions.

    By utilizing AI to create short, captioned videos, you can produce multiple videos in a day and potentially earn through YouTube Adsense and Sponsorship opportunities.


    AI Video Editing, YouTube Shorts, Captioned Videos, Video Monetization, Content Creation


    1. How can AI help in creating short videos for YouTube? AI can automatically extract the best segments from a video, add captions, and create engaging short clips that are ready for upload.

    2. Can I monetize the short videos created with AI? Yes, you can earn through YouTube Adsense and Sponsorship by creating captivating short videos that attract viewers.

    3. Is it necessary to provide a copyright disclaimer when uploading videos edited with AI? Including a copyright disclaimer and the source link of the original video is essential to avoid copyright issues and give proper credit to the content creator.

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