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    How To Make Your VOICE Sound CINEMATIC (Premiere Pro)

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    How To Make Your VOICE Sound CINEMATIC (Premiere Pro)

    Hey folks, Jordy here from Premiere Basics! Today, we're going to learn how to improve the sound quality of your voice in Adobe Premiere Pro using built-in effects. Just like color grading, you can enhance your audio with audio grading techniques to make your voice stand out and sound more cinematic. Let's dive in!

    The first step is to navigate to the effects folder in Premiere Pro and search for EQ. Drag and drop the Parametric Equalizer onto your audio clip. EQ, or equalization, allows you to adjust different frequencies in your voice to enhance its quality. By cutting unwanted frequencies and boosting certain ranges, you can make your voice sound clearer and more professional.

    Next, we'll use the Single Band Compressor to compress your audio signal. This helps to even out the volume levels of your voice, making quieter parts louder and louder parts softer. By fine-tuning the compressor settings, you can achieve a balanced and polished sound.

    To eliminate any background noise or unwanted sounds, you can experiment with the Denoiser effect. Be careful not to overdo it, as excessive noise reduction can affect the overall quality of your voice recording.

    By applying these audio editing techniques in Premiere Pro, you can make your voice sound cinematic and professional, perfect for videos, podcasts, or any other audio projects. Experiment with different settings and presets to find the perfect mix for your unique voice.


    Audio Grading, Parametric Equalizer, Single Band Compressor, Denoiser Effect, Cinematic Voice, Premiere Pro


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