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    How To Record and Edit High-Quality Video Interviews

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    How To Record and Edit High-Quality Video Interviews

    Riverside FM is an online platform that offers high-quality audio and video recording for online interviews. In comparison to platforms like Zoom, Riverside FM provides superior audio and video quality. In this article, we will guide you through the easy setup process, as well as show you how to edit your videos using the transcript view and the new feature of clipping interviews for social media.

    Setting Up Riverside FM

    To get started, click on the link in the description to sign up for Riverside FM. Don't worry, they offer a free plan with no credit card requirement. Once you're inside the platform, you'll be directed to the Studio setup page. Here, you can check your camera and microphone settings. Make sure to select the appropriate devices for the best audio and video quality.

    Next, invite your interviewee by copying the generated link and sending it to them. They can join the studio using the link you provided. Once everyone is connected, you can proceed with the recording.

    Recording and Editing

    Before diving into the recording process, it's important to check out the settings in the top right corner. Adjust the recording mode, audio noise reduction, audio sample rate, and video settings according to your preferences. You can also enable the automatic internet backups to avoid any potential loss of data.

    Once your settings are adjusted, click on the "Start Recording" button to begin the interview. As you record, you can freely ask and answer questions. If there are any pauses or mistakes, you can easily edit them out using the built-in editor.

    In the editor, you have the option to remove silences, delete unnecessary clips, modify audio levels, and even add captions. You can also adjust the layout, add a logo, and customize the background. The editor provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for editing your recorded interviews.

    Clipping and Sharing

    If you want to create shorter clips from your interview, Riverside FM offers a magical tool called "Magic Clips." This feature generates clips for you in just a few easy steps. You can customize the clips further by adjusting the layout, adding captions, and modifying the background.

    Once you're satisfied with your clips, it's time to share your content. Riverside FM allows you to publish your recordings directly on platforms like Spotify or Transistor. You can also download the final version of your video to share it on various social media platforms or your own website.


    Riverside FM provides a seamless experience for recording and editing high-quality video interviews. With its user-friendly interface and powerful editing tools, you can easily create professional-looking videos. Whether you're a podcaster or conducting remote interviews, Riverside FM offers a reliable and efficient solution for your recording needs.


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    1. How does Riverside FM compare to platforms like Zoom?

      • Riverside FM offers superior audio and video quality compared to platforms like Zoom, making it ideal for recording professional interviews.
    2. Can I edit my recorded interviews with Riverside FM?

      • Yes, Riverside FM provides a built-in editor that allows you to remove silences, edit clips, adjust audio levels, add captions, and customize the layout and background.
    3. Can I share my recordings directly on social media platforms?

      • Yes, Riverside FM allows you to export your recordings and share them on various social media platforms or your own website.
    4. Does Riverside FM offer a free plan?

      • Yes, Riverside FM offers a free plan with limited features, including two hours of separate audio and video tracks per month.

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