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    How To Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners - US$2,850/Week Amazon Associates FREE COURSE

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    How To Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners - US$ 2,850/Week Amazon Associates FREE COURSE

    Note: This article is a rewritten version of a script from a video.

    Imagine a business model that requires no inventory or startup capital. A business model that allows you to partner with the biggest internet retailer in the world. This business model can be operated from anywhere across the globe and can generate cash flow that's life-changing around the clock and in perpetuity. Sounds pretty amazing, right? It's real. It's called the Amazon Associate Program, and amazingly, it is a free-to-use affiliate program where you can promote and market products sold on Amazon and get a commission ranging from 1 to 10% off the sale that you help to generate for Amazon.

    In this article, we will explain what the Amazon affiliate program is, how it works, and how much you can earn through the program. We will also share how you can sign up for the Amazon affiliate program and provide a strategy to get approved quickly. This article is part one of a three-part free course that will be shared here.

    How Does the Amazon Affiliate Program Work?

    The Amazon affiliate program, also known as Amazon Associates, is one of the largest and most successful online affiliate programs. By signing up for this program, you can create links and earn referral fees or commissions when customers click on your links and buy products on Amazon. It's as simple as that. The program is free to join but requires approval.

    To give you a practical example of how the program works, imagine you search for "best air fryers" on Google and come across a website called This website compares six of the best air fryers and provides links where you can buy them. When you click on one of these affiliate links and make a purchase, the owner of the website earns a commission.

    The Amazon affiliate program allows content creators, publishers, bloggers, and social media influencers to monetize their traffic and generate an additional income source. It provides a passive income stream, as you can earn money even years after the initial click if someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

    How Much Can You Earn with Amazon Affiliates?

    The amount you can earn with the Amazon affiliate program varies depending on the product category. Commissions range from 1% to 10% of the sale price. Most categories earn around 3 to 4% in commissions, but some categories like luxury beauty offer a higher commission rate of 10%.

    To give you an idea of the earning potential, let's say you promote a $ 100 product in the toy category. With a 3% commission rate, you would earn $ 3 per sale. If you sell 100 of those products in a month, you would earn $ 300 per month from just that one product.

    To achieve the target of $ 2,850 per week, assuming an average commission of 5%, you would need to generate $ 57,000 in sales per week through your affiliate links. It is important to choose a niche wisely and focus on categories with higher commission rates to maximize your earnings.

    How to Sign Up for the Amazon Affiliate Program

    To sign up for the Amazon affiliate program, you need to visit the Amazon Associate homepage and fill out the application. You can sign in with your existing Amazon account or create a new one. When filling out the application, you'll be asked about your website or mobile app and how you intend to generate traffic or create content. It is recommended to apply after following the strategy mentioned below to increase your chances of approval.

    Amazon does not specify a minimum number of followers required for approval. The approval criteria focus more on the quality of your content and adherence to Amazon's guidelines and policies. It is important to have a well-maintained platform that provides valuable content to your audience.

    The Strategy to Build an Engaging Social Media Platform

    To build an engaging social media platform and increase your chances of approval, follow this strategy:

    1. Create one-minute videos using AI tools available online. These videos should provide valuable information related to your niche.
    2. Post these videos on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
    3. Repost the same videos on all three platforms.
    4. Create three videos per week and post consistently.
    5. Use Canva or other graphic platforms to create engaging images relevant to your niche.
    6. Post these images along with the videos on social media.
    7. Focus on building trust from your audience and optimize SEO to increase your reach and conversion.

    Follow this strategy for about three months before applying for the Amazon affiliate program. If you are not approved initially, continue the strategy for another three months and reapply. It typically takes 3 to 6 months to get approved if you consistently create good content and post regularly.


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    1. How long does it take to get approved for the Amazon affiliate program?

    The approval process for the Amazon affiliate program can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. It is important to have well-maintained platforms with valuable content to increase your chances of approval.

    1. Can I use the Amazon affiliate program if I don't have a large following?

    Yes, you can still earn money through the Amazon affiliate program even with a small following. As long as you provide valuable content and strategically promote your affiliate links, you can generate a decent income.

    1. Can I apply for the Amazon affiliate program if I live outside of the US?

    Yes, the Amazon affiliate program is available worldwide. Amazon offers various payment options, including direct deposit, gift certificates, and checks. However, if you live outside the US and do not have a US bank account, you can use global payment gateways like Pioneer to receive your payments.

    1. Are there any specific rules I need to follow when promoting Amazon products?

    Yes, Amazon has guidelines and policies that need to be followed when promoting their products. It is important to disclose that you may earn a commission if readers make a purchase using your affiliate links. Failure to comply with Amazon's rules can result in being blocked from the affiliate program.

    1. How can I maximize my earning potential as an Amazon affiliate?

    To maximize your earning potential, it is essential to continuously create high-quality content, optimize SEO, and leverage social media platforms. Additionally, sharpening your digital marketing skills will help you strategize and push your earning potential to the next level.

    Remember, success with Amazon affiliate marketing requires dedication, a strategic approach, and continuous content creation and marketing efforts.

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