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    How To Tie A Bow Tie | MR PORTER

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    How To Tie A Bow Tie | MR PORTER

    To tie a bow tie, follow these steps:

    1. Place the bow tie around your neck: Position the bow tie around your collar and adjust it as needed.
    2. Pass the longer end over the shorter end: Cross the longer end over the shorter end and pull it through at the collar.
    3. Fold the shorter end: Fold the shorter end at its widest point and hold it to your top button to create a bow tie shape.
    4. Create the bow shape: Bring the longer end down over the top and pinch both sides of the bow shape together across the center.
    5. Form the loop: Fold the hanging end at its widest point and push it through the loop created in front of your collar button.
    6. Adjust the knot: Pull the folded end through to the other side until it forms a triangle. Adjust the ends to your liking.
    7. Final adjustments: Tighten the bow tie by pulling on both folded ends or loosen it by targeting the non-folded ends until the bow tie sits perfectly.

    Keywords: Bow tie, Neckwear, Fashion, Style, Grooming


    • 1. Do I need to have a mirror to tie a bow tie?
      It is recommended to use a mirror for ease of tying the bow tie, especially when adjusting the final look to your liking.

    • 2. Can the process of tying a bow tie be difficult for beginners?
      Tying a bow tie may seem complex at first, but with practice, it can become easier. Following step-by-step instructions can help simplify the process.

    • 3. How do I know if the bow tie is tied correctly?
      A well-tied bow tie should have symmetrical loops and a balanced knot. Adjust the ends and the knot to ensure the bow tie sits neatly on your collar.

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