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    How To Use AI To Make Faceless Videos In Less Than 5 Minutes

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    How To Use AI To Make Faceless Videos In Less Than 5 Minutes

    If you're looking to create faceless videos quickly and easily using AI tools, here's a simple guide that can help you achieve that in just a few steps.

    1. Step One: Create a Video Script using Chat GPT

      • Visit Chat GPT and provide a topic for the video script.
      • Ask Chat GPT to generate a five-minute video script on the chosen topic.
      • Receive the script and move on to the next step.
    2. Step Two: Generate Audio File with

      • Upload the script to
      • Click on generate to create an audio file reading out the script automatically.
    3. Step Three: Create the Video using

      • Upload the audio file and script to
      • Use the platform's stock footage options to compile the video.
      • Hit output to generate the final video.

    For those looking to incorporate a face into the video:

    • Visit
    • Upload the script and choose a face to feature in the video.

    If you wish to monetize these videos, you can upload them to YouTube regularly, focusing on niches like health, wealth, and relationships. Consistency in uploading content can eventually lead to earning revenue from YouTube.


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    1. Can I create videos with human faces without filming myself?

      • Yes, you can use online tools like to overlay a chosen face on the video while using an AI-generated script.
    2. How long does it typically take to create a video using these AI tools?

      • With practice, you can create a faceless video in under five minutes by following the steps outlined in the article.
    3. Is it necessary to have prior video editing experience to use these tools?

      • No, AI tools like come with user-friendly interfaces that make video creation accessible to beginners without extensive editing skills.

    By following these steps and utilizing AI tools, you can efficiently produce engaging faceless videos in no time.

    One more thing

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