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    How To Use Canva For TikTok Perfect For BEGINNERS! [FULL Canva Tutorial 2022]

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    How To Use Canva For TikTok Perfect For BEGINNERS! [FULL Canva Tutorial 2022]

    Are you looking to enhance your TikTok videos using Canva? In this tutorial, we will guide you step-by-step on how to use Canva to create optimized TikTok videos. TikTok is a fast-growing platform that offers excellent organic reach, making it ideal for marketing or brand building. Whether you want to showcase your face, educate, entertain, or promote different things, Canva can help you create engaging content for your TikTok videos.

    Step 1: Uploading and Editing Videos

    1. Go to and click on the "Social Media" tab.
    2. Select "TikTok Video" from the options.
    3. If you have a video you want to enhance, click on "Uploads" to upload your video file in any format.
    4. Once your video is added to Canva, you can add effects, elements, and text to enhance it.
    5. Click on "Elements" to add banners, shapes, or stickers to your video.
    6. Adjust the size, color, and position of the elements as desired.
    7. Click on "Text" to add text to your video. Canva offers a variety of styles to choose from.
    8. Customize the text, size, and color to match your preferences or brand.
    9. To animate certain elements, select the elements you want to animate, go to "Animate," and choose an animation effect.
    10. Preview your video to see how it looks and make any necessary adjustments.
    11. Once you are satisfied with your video, click on "Download" and save it as an MP4 file.

    Step 2: Creating Outros for Your TikTok Videos

    1. If you want to create an outro for your TikTok videos, go back to the templates section in Canva.
    2. Choose a template that suits your style or fits the theme of your TikTok channel.
    3. Customize the template by adding your own text, such as asking viewers to follow you or promoting your socials.
    4. Add a picture of yourself or an image relevant to your outro message.
    5. Animate the elements if desired by selecting them, going to "Animate," and choosing an animation effect.
    6. Preview your outro and make any necessary adjustments.
    7. Download your outro as an MP4 file.


    • Canva
    • TikTok video editing
    • Enhancing TikTok videos
    • Canva templates
    • Adding effects to videos
    • Adding banners and text to videos
    • Animating elements in Canva
    • Creating TikTok outros
    • Promoting socials on TikTok


    • Q: Is Canva free to use for TikTok video editing? A: Yes, Canva offers a free version with many features suitable for TikTok video editing.
    • Q: Can I upload my own video files to Canva? A: Yes, you can upload video files in various formats to Canva and edit them for your TikTok videos.
    • Q: How long should TikTok videos be? A: TikTok videos are typically between 7 and 15 seconds long, but you can make longer videos as well.
    • Q: Can I use Canva for other social media platforms? A: Yes, Canva is a versatile tool that can be used to create content for various social media platforms.
    • Q: Can I use Canva templates for different themes or purposes? A: Yes, Canva offers a wide range of templates that can be customized to suit different themes or purposes, including motivational content.

    With Canva, you can easily create eye-catching and engaging TikTok videos for your marketing, affiliate marketing, or brand building needs. Experiment with different effects, elements, and templates to find the style that best suits your content and audience. Happy TikToking!

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