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    How To Use Chat GPT For Youtube Scripts (3 New Prompts)

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    Title: How To Use Chat GPT For Youtube Scripts (3 New Prompts)

    In today's video, I'll show you three ways to use Chat GPT to create scripts for your faceless YouTube videos. While it's still recommended to hire a human writer if possible, these prompts can be a great starting point for those on a budget. We'll be using Chat GPT4, but the free version can still be effective. Let's dive in!

    Lazy Script Prompt:

    Prompt: "Write an engaging YouTube video script titled 'Essential Survival Skills: How to React to the Most Common Wild Animal Attacks.' Use storytelling to bring it together, start with a question instead of a standard intro, and end the script sharply." Description: This comprehensive guide provides essential survival skills for dealing with common wild animal attacks, from bears to sharks. The script will use a storytelling approach, beginning with a thought-provoking question to captivate the audience. The content will be concise, ending sharply to maximize watch time.

    Similar Script Prompt:

    Prompt: "Rewrite this YouTube video script, making it original and about five minutes long. Use storytelling, start with a question, and include the following topics." Description: This prompt instructs Chat GPT to take an existing video script and create an original version. The script will be approximately five minutes long and follow a storytelling format with a captivating question to start. The provided topics will be covered, ensuring an engaging and unique script.

    Guided Script Prompt:

    Title: Essential Survival Skills: How to React to the Most Common Wild Animal Attacks

    Introduction Opening Hook: "Have you ever wondered what you would do if you suddenly found yourself face to face with a wild animal? Your heart races, adrenaline pumps through your veins. Do you know how to react to survive?" Welcome & Channel Introduction: "Welcome back to our channel, where we bring you the most essential survival skills for the great outdoors. In today's video, we'll tackle a crucial topic: wild animal attacks. While encounters may be rare, being armed with knowledge and preparedness is crucial. We'll dive deep into how to handle encounters with bears, mountain lions, wolves, and venomous snakes. So, sit tight, take notes, and let's get ready to learn life-saving tips!"

    Bear Encounters Paragraphs covering various aspects:

    1. Difference between bear species (Black bears vs. Grizzly bears)
    2. General bear safety tips
    3. Special tips for encountering black bears
    4. Special tips for encountering grizzly bears ...and more

    Mountain Lion Encounters Paragraph discussing what to do when encountering a mountain lion while jogging or running.

    Wolf Encounters Paragraph discussing what to do in case of a wolf encounter.

    Venomous Snakes Paragraph explaining how to react to venomous snake bites and proper first aid procedures.

    Conclusion Summary and Final Thoughts: "In summary, we have covered essential survival skills to react to the most common wild animal attacks. Remember, prevention is always better than encountering these animals. Stay vigilant and respect their space. Thank you for watching, and until next time, stay safe and keep exploring!"


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