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    How To Use *New LG Magic Remote

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    How To Use New LG Magic Remote

    In this article, we will discuss the features and functionalities of the new LG Magic Remote. The remote is Bluetooth-enabled and powered by two AA batteries. It lacks infrared capability and connects to your TV automatically via Bluetooth. With various buttons on the front, including power, voice command, numbers for channel changing, and shortcut options, the remote offers a range of convenient functions. It also includes features like TV guides, contextual menus, accessibility settings, home screen navigation, voice commands, and app shortcut buttons for services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

    When using the LG Magic Remote, you can easily navigate through your TV settings, apps, and features with the touch of a button. The remote offers voice command capabilities, customizable shortcuts, and a user-friendly design that enhances your viewing experience.


    LG Magic Remote, Bluetooth, Voice command, Shortcut buttons, TV navigation, App integration


    1. What type of batteries does the LG Magic Remote use?
    2. How does the LG Magic Remote connect to the TV?
    3. Can I customize shortcut buttons on the LG Magic Remote?
    4. Does the LG Magic Remote support voice commands?
    5. What are the main features of the LG Magic Remote?

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