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    How To Use OpenAI Sora Video Generator 2024 (AI Text-to-Video)

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    How to Use OpenAI Sora Video Generator 2024 (AI Text-to-Video)

    OpenAI has recently released a new AI text-to-video model called Sora. In this article, we will guide you on how to get started with this video generator and even show you how to make money with AI. We will also provide alternative options for those who don't have access to Sora yet.

    Getting Started with OpenAI Sora

    If you are new to generating videos with AI, don't worry! We will provide you with all the necessary information to get started. To begin, you can sign up for OpenAI's Sora tool. However, it's important to note that Sora is only available to selected individuals, such as Red teamers, designers, and filmmakers, as part of a limited release. If you are not in these categories, you may not have immediate access to Sora.

    But don't worry, there are alternative methods to generate AI videos with OpenAI. We have been using OpenAI's tools for video generation for nearly a year now, and we want to show you the potential of AI-generated videos, both in terms of views and leads.

    Generating AI Videos with OpenAI

    To automate the process of video generation, we have developed a tool called Shiny. Shiny works on top of OpenAI and simplifies the entire process for you. It offers a video generator and transcriber.

    With Shiny, you can transcribe existing videos that are performing well and use the transcriptions to create new videos. You can also rewrite scripts using OpenAI's ChatGPT feature integrated within Shiny. This allows you to automate the video generation process and saves a considerable amount of time.

    Additionally, when OpenAI's Sora becomes accessible, Shiny will be updated to support video prompts. This way, you can continue to customize and automate your videos seamlessly.

    Making Money with AI-Generated Videos

    Now, let's discuss how you can monetize your AI-generated videos. The process is quite simple. By promoting various AI tools, you can earn money through affiliate programs. For example, Shiny offers a partnership program where you can earn a 40% recurring commission for every referral who signs up for their services.

    To make money, you need to create videos that highlight and recommend these AI tools. You can find trending topics using tools like Google Trends and create content around them. In these videos, you can direct viewers to the affiliate links of the AI tools you are promoting. By doing so, you can generate traffic and conversions, earning commissions in the process.


    • OpenAI Sora Video Generator
    • AI Text-to-Video
    • Video generation automation
    • Shiny tool
    • AI-affiliate marketing


    1. Can I access OpenAI Sora immediately?

      • Sora is currently only available to selected individuals, such as Red teamers, designers, and filmmakers, as part of a limited release. Access for the general public will be made available in the future.
    2. How can I automate AI video generation?

      • Shiny is a tool that can automate the process of AI video generation and make it more efficient. It offers a video generator and transcriber, allowing you to transcribe existing videos, rewrite scripts, and customize your videos seamlessly.
    3. How can I monetize my AI-generated videos?

      • By promoting AI tools through affiliate programs, you can earn commissions from referrals. Use trending topics to create engaging videos and direct viewers to your affiliate links. This process allows you to generate traffic and earn money.
    4. Are there alternative options to OpenAI Sora?

      • Yes, there are alternative AI tools available for generating videos. Shiny, for example, can automate the video generation process and provide similar functionalities to OpenAI Sora, with additional features like transcription and rewriting scripts.
    5. How can I find trending topics for my AI-generated videos?

      • Google Trends is a useful free tool that provides insights into trending topics. You can use it to identify popular subjects related to AI or any other niche and create content around those topics.

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