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    How To Use The Top AI Video Tools

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    How To Use The Top AI Video Tools

    With 2023 coming to a close, we have witnessed major advances in consumer accessible AI video tools. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the AI video space and highlights the top tools available. AI-generated videos offer an unprecedented density of information, making them an essential part of social media platforms and storytelling.

    Runway Gen 2

    Runway is one of the major players in AI video tools. They released their Gen 1 model earlier this year, followed by the Gen 2 model. The Gen 2 model offers several features, including image-to-video conversion, background removal, and selective editing. Their image-to-video feature works surprisingly well, allowing users to create engaging videos by giving the model enough information to work with. Runway also offers features like motion brush, which allows users to animate specific areas of an image. However, it is worth noting that there are limitations on export duration in Runway Gen 2.

    Stable Diffusion Video

    Stable Diffusion, an open-source image generator, recently introduced their Stable Diffusion Video model. This model allows users to generate videos locally and offline for free. They offer two foundational models for video generation: one for 14 FPS video and another for 25 frames. Stable Diffusion Video is best suited for animating objects and cartoon-style scenes, as it currently struggles with animating realistic humans. However, with regular updates and improvements, we can expect better results in the future.

    Pabs 1.0

    Pabs made a significant entrance into the AI video space with their 1.0 model, surprising the industry. Their trailer showcasing the capabilities of their model impressed many, leading some to call it the "chat GPT moment" of AI video. Pabs aims to create consumer-friendly tools, making it accessible to creators. While the trailer is expertly produced, the quality of the animations and tracking featured in the video is unmatched by previous AI models. Pabs plans to make their tool available for free on Discord and their website, aligning with their mission to empower creators.

    Topaz Video AI

    For enhancing video quality, Topaz Video AI is the leading software. It allows users to upscale videos with AI, resulting in rich detail and improved visual quality. This software complements AI video tools by enhancing the output and making the videos even more impressive. While Topaz Video AI comes at a cost, its results are worth the investment for creators looking to elevate their videos.


    AI video tools, Runway Gen 2, Stable Diffusion Video, Pabs 1.0, Topaz Video AI


    1. What are the top AI video tools available?
    2. Can AI-generated videos match the quality of real videos?
    3. Are AI video tools accessible to creators?
    4. How can Topaz Video AI enhance video quality?

    This article provides an overview of the top AI video tools, including Runway Gen 2, Stable Diffusion Video, Pabs 1.0, and Topaz Video AI. These tools offer various features and capabilities for creating impressive AI-generated videos. While AI video tools have limitations, they continue to improve, making video creation more accessible to creators. Topaz Video AI is an additional tool that enhances video quality with AI.

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