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    How To Write A Killer YouTube Script (2024 Algorithm)

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    How To Write A Killer YouTube Script (2024 Algorithm)

    Have you ever wondered why some videos on YouTube go viral and get millions of views, while others struggle to get a single click? The answer lies in the script. Top creators know how to write killer scripts that keep viewers engaged and boost their video's chances of going viral. In this article, we will reveal a five-step formula to help you write better scripts than 99% of YouTubers.

    The Thumbnail Alignment Rule

    The thumbnail and title of a video set viewers' expectations. If the content of a video doesn't align with the thumbnail and title, viewers may click off within the first few seconds. To ensure your script meets viewers' expectations, start by creating a captivating title and thumbnail. Ask yourself what expectations they set and what reasons viewers have to watch the video. These questions will guide your scriptwriting process.

    The Hook

    The hook is the opening sentence of your video that grabs viewers' attention and encourages them to keep watching. There are three types of hooks commonly used by top creators:

    1. Question Hook: Pose a question that viewers want the answer to.
    2. Context Hook: Drop viewers into a tense or intriguing moment to create curiosity.
    3. Statement Hook: Make a bold claim or statement that shocks or surprises viewers.

    Choose the hook that best suits your video and include it in your script's opening sentence.

    The Rest of Your Intro

    After the hook, your script needs to provide context and exceed viewers' expectations. Give a brief overview of what the video will cover, addressing the questions generated from your title and thumbnail. Additionally, find ways to exceed viewers' expectations. Showcase the effort you've put into the video, mention your credentials, or offer additional value such as a free download. Overdelivering on viewers' expectations will keep them hooked and increase their likelihood of watching the entire video.

    Scripting the Content

    The way you deliver your points in your script is crucial for retaining viewers' attention. Many novice YouTubers make the mistake of immediately presenting the point and explaining it. However, the top 1% of YouTube scripts structure their points differently. They use a two-step approach:

    1. Rehook the Viewer: Start each point with a statement or question that reignites curiosity.
    2. Unpack the Point: Tell a story or provide supporting information that builds up to the payout, which is the answer to the central question of the point.

    By delaying the payout until the end of each point, you keep viewers engaged and ensure they don't skip ahead, improving your overall video retention.

    The Relink Hack

    To maximize your channel's growth, direct viewers to another one of your videos at the end of each video. This keeps viewers on YouTube for longer, pleasing the algorithm. Use the relink hack by using a hook to encourage viewers to watch another video. This encourages binging of your content, increases watch time, and boosts your channel's chances of success.


    To summarize, writing a killer YouTube script involves optimizing your title and thumbnail alignment, creating a hook that grabs viewers' attention, providing context, exceeding expectations, unpacking your points effectively, and using the relink hack to keep viewers engaged. By implementing this five-step formula, you can increase your video's watch time, engagement, and ultimately the success of your YouTube channel.


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