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    How To Write YouTube Script With ChatGPT | 70% Human & 30% AI ( Here is My Result)

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    How To Write YouTube Script With ChatGPT | 70% Human & 30% AI (Here is My Result)

    In today's video, I'll be showing you how you can use ChatGPT to write highly converting YouTube scripts. ChatGPT is an AI tool that can help you generate YouTube scripts with a mix of human and artificial intelligence input. By utilizing this approach, you can create engaging scripts that resonate with your audience and drive more views and engagement.

    I recently used ChatGPT to write a YouTube script that resulted in significant success. The script was for a video titled "6 Shocking Secrets to Make Him Miss You Like Crazy" and it garnered over 32,000 views in just 15 days, adding over 800 subscribers to my channel and generating revenue. This article will outline the process of using ChatGPT to write effective YouTube scripts based on real-world results.

    To begin, you need to conduct keyword research on YouTube to identify popular topics in your niche. Once you have selected a keyword, find a relevant video that is performing well and extract the script using tools like DownSub. Then, input the script into ChatGPT and provide additional details such as a call to action, personalization tips, and editing instructions. ChatGPT will then generate a new script blending AI capabilities with human creativity.

    After waiting for ChatGPT to generate the script, you can review it, make any necessary edits, and use tools like Mob.AI for voiceovers and Italy.EI for video creation. Testing the script with tools like ZeroRGBT can help optimize its quality further. By following this process, you can create compelling YouTube scripts that engage viewers and drive results.


    • YouTube script writing
    • ChatGPT
    • AI content generation
    • Video optimization
    • Content creation tools


    1. How does ChatGPT help in writing YouTube scripts? ChatGPT is an AI tool that can assist in generating YouTube scripts by combining human input with artificial intelligence insights, resulting in engaging and effective content.

    2. What are the steps involved in using ChatGPT for YouTube script writing? The process includes conducting keyword research, extracting a script from a successful video, inputting the script into ChatGPT, adding personalized touches and editing instructions, and refining the script with additional tools for voiceovers and video creation.

    3. How can testing tools like ZeroRGBT optimize the quality of YouTube scripts? Tools like ZeroRGBT can analyze the generated script and provide insights on areas that may need improvement, helping creators enhance the overall quality and effectiveness of their content.

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