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    How US Players Got The EASIEST Version of Super Mario Bros 3

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    How US Players Got The EASIEST Version of Super Mario Bros 3

    Did you know that Super Mario Bros 3 was made easier in the United States? Similar to the localization changes seen in Super Mario World, the US version of Super Mario Bros 3 received adjustments to provide a smoother gameplay experience for American players. Here are three key differences between the Japanese and American versions of the game:

    1. World 1's Fortress: In the US version, players are meant to run to the end of the room where spikes move up and down. However, in the Japanese version, these spikes are located a couple of blocks before the end, requiring players to run a little further.

    2. Exercise and Calories: The Japanese version of the game features a taller Watership in the last world, increasing the risk of falling off. This was modified in the US version to make the game slightly easier for players.

    3. Damage Mechanics: In the US version of the game, if Mario gets hit with a power-up, he will revert to Super Mario. In comparison, in the Japanese version, even with a Kuribo shoe, getting hit results in Mario becoming short.


    Super Mario Bros 3, game localization, differences, World 1's Fortress, Japanese version, American version, gameplay changes


    1. What were some of the changes made to the US version of Super Mario Bros 3 to make it easier for American players?
    2. Why was the placement of spikes in World 1's Fortress different in the Japanese and American versions of the game?
    3. How did the US version handle damage differently compared to the Japanese version in Super Mario Bros 3?

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