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    How We Made This Insane AI Trailer

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    How We Made This Insane AI Trailer

    We teamed up with CapCut to create an incredible retro sci-fi trailer using AI for every shot. In this article, we will walk you through the process of how we made this trailer, step by step, so that you can do it too.

    The first step we took was to create the narration for the trailer. We wanted a retro sci-fi vibe, so we wrote a script that captured the essence of the world we were creating for the project. We used the Atom voice from 11 Labs to narrate the script, adding vocal effects to give it an old and slightly distorted sound, along with echo and reverb for added impact.

    Next, we focused on creating the music for the trailer. We crafted a theme that fit the retro sci-fi theme we were aiming for, drawing inspiration from iconic pieces like the revamped Star Trek theme and other mid-century modern music. This music became the backbone of our trailer.

    Placeholder images were essential in the previsualization process. Before creating the AI-generated shots, we edited the entire project, either by adding text descriptions of each shot or using placeholder images to visualize the scenes. This helped us plan out the shots effectively and make necessary adjustments early on.

    The most time-consuming part of the process was creating AI-generated imagery for each shot. We utilized tools like Mid Journey and Photoshop Beta to enhance the shots, from upscaling images to adding or removing elements to create captivating visuals. We then added movement to the shots, using techniques like keyframing to simulate camera movements and make the scenes more dynamic.

    Sound design played a crucial role in enhancing the trailer. By adding sound effects, risers, and music elements strategically, we were able to elevate the overall impact of the trailer. Effects like explosions and roars were added to key moments to heighten the cinematic experience.

    To solidify the style, we incorporated various effects and color grading in post-production. CapCut's built-in effects were instrumental in adding a cinematic feel to the trailer, along with stylistic color grading and film grain for a retro touch. After adding finishing touches, the trailer was ready for export.

    If you want to see the full trailer created with CapCut and these tools, check out the link provided. With the right tools and creativity, anyone can bring their ideas to life, even without connections to big Hollywood studios.


    AI-generated imagery, retro sci-fi trailer, sound design, placeholder images, previsualization, CapCut, post-production


    1. What tools were used to create the AI-generated imagery for the trailer?
    2. How was sound design utilized to enhance the trailer?
    3. What role did placeholder images play in the previsualization process?
    4. How did post-production effects and color grading contribute to the final look of the trailer?

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