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    How a Realtor, got 5x more Social Media Followers in Half the Time

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    How a Realtor Got 5x More Social Media Followers in Half the Time

    In the fast-paced world of marketing, sticking to a strategy can be challenging, especially for busy professionals like realtors. However, the key to success lies in creating engaging and converting content that resonates with your audience. This is where the Big View app comes in, leveraging AI technology to streamline the content creation process for video creators. By simply providing a few starter words, the AI magic writer generates scripts and captions, allowing users to focus on delivering authentic and compelling video content without the hassle of memorization. With Big View, realtors can enhance their social media presence, increase sales leads, and simplify their marketing efforts.


    • Realtor
    • Social Media
    • Followers
    • Content Creation
    • AI Technology
    • Video
    • Captions
    • Authenticity
    • Marketing Efforts


    1. How can the Big View app help realtors improve their social media presence?

      • The Big View app utilizes AI technology to simplify the content creation process for video creators, enabling realtors to produce engaging and authentic video content effortlessly.
    2. What are the benefits of using the AI magic writer feature in the Big View app?

      • The AI magic writer feature allows users to generate scripts by inputting a few starter words, saving time and effort in creating video content and enhancing the overall quality of output.
    3. How does the Big View app streamline the process of creating video content for realtors?

      • By automating script generation and captioning, the Big View app enables realtors to focus on delivering compelling video content, ultimately leading to an increase in social media followers and sales leads.

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