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    How it works: Visa’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) for payment authorization and fraud detection

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    How it works: Visa’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) for payment authorization and fraud detection

    For 25 years, Visa's artificial intelligence (A.I.) has continuously evolved to become smarter in detecting and preventing fraud during payment transactions. The A.I. technology has become so advanced that most users likely have not experienced a declined transaction due to suspected fraud in quite some time. Visa's A.I. learns from every purchase made with a Visa card, enhancing its ability to protect users in subsequent transactions.

    Visa's A.I. analyzes over three billion accounts and approximately 180 billion transactions annually to identify patterns and activities that could indicate potential fraud. By updating individual account profiles with each purchase, Visa's A.I. categorizes spending behaviors into clusters, enabling it to differentiate between normal patterns and irregular activities that may signal high fraud risk. The technology helps issuers assess fraud risks in real-time and make informed decisions to approve, deny, or verify transactions before they complete.


    Visa, artificial intelligence, fraud detection, payment authorization, transaction analysis, account profiling, spending behavior, fraud risk assessment


    • How does Visa's artificial intelligence enhance transaction security? Visa's A.I. analyzes billions of transactions to identify patterns and behaviors, enabling it to detect potential fraud and prevent unauthorized transactions.

    • Does Visa's A.I. have access to personal customer information? No, Visa's A.I. does not have access to personal details such as names or specific purchases. It focuses on analyzing transaction activities to identify fraudulent behavior.

    • Can users rely on Visa's A.I. to prevent all fraudulent transactions? While Visa's A.I. significantly reduces the risk of fraud, it is important for users to monitor their transactions and report any suspicious activities to their bank for further investigation.

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